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This year is going fast….. #grow4christ

on November 22, 2013

We started our school year in May and with that we started The Mystery of History Volume III – having completed Volumes I and II (well my oldest will have done all three, my middle child and youngest two and three).  We truly enjoy this Biblically centered history and geography curriculum – no worries, I’m not doing a review 😀  You’re welcome.

We finished Quarter 3 today – meaning we have only 1 more quarter and if I have it planned right we’ll finish at the end of January, of course that was when I thought we’d be doing school the week of November 4th but my oldest needed another week of recovery, so no school.  So we may go into the 1st week of February.

One thing we studied was the Thirty Year’s War – I learned a lot that I never knew – actually I knew nothing about the Thirty Year’s War simply because I wasn’t taught, but I digress.  My oldest had to make a story spindle and it was really fun:

Phase One of the Thirty Year’s War – she added pictures, text and illustrations to all the phases.

I’m glad that Linda Lacour Hobar, the author, split up this section, because if not I don’t think any of us would have been able to comprehend the in depth nature of all that was going on during this time.  Makes me glad I’m not living there at that time!

Phase 2.

Phase 3

Phase 4


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