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How I earn free products – books, Bibles, etc #grow4christ

on November 26, 2013


Christmas is becoming more expensive each year, as my children get older but what if I told you that you could give your children (or your spouse, or yourself) and great gift or gifts that embrace Jesus and His Teachings?  You can and all for free!  I’ve been a part of Tyndale Rewards for awhile now and it’s proven to be quite fruitful.   If you’d like to see some of the items I’ve gotten for free for my family read my post, Earn free Books, Bibles and audios.


I’ve been wanting a parallel Bible for some time but the price tag always leaves my husband and I with a case of sticker shock so imagine my delight when I saw that one of the new Bibles being offered is a KJV/NLT Parallel Bible – with illustrations!



So what do you have to do to earn free points to get free product?  It’s simple sign up with Tyndale Rewards and then start:

  • Inviting your friends to join
  • take a Bible survey
  • sign up for e-newsletter or devotions
  • take an e-reader survey
  • join the birthday club
  • leave a review on a retail site of a review of a Tyndale product
  • and more…..

It’s easy to earn and free to join.  Follow the links above or you can help me out by using my personal link, where you and I will both earn points.  So go sign up – even if you don’t have enough points for Christmas gifts they also make great birthday, baptism or anytime gifts!


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