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Purging and Cleaning #grow4christ

on November 27, 2013

One thing that has become a semi-tradition in our house is the annual cleaning, but it doesn’t take place in the spring.  No it takes place usually after Thanksgiving but before Christmas.

This year it couldn’t wait, or rather I couldn’t wait.  So we started this Sunday when we couldn’t make it to church due to someone not feeling up to par 😦  So I’ve been cleaning almost non-stop (had to stop to write this post and some reviews) for 4 days!

I started with having the children bring out the huge plastic bins we keep under the girl’s bed and store toys in.  It’s supposed to be that each bin has a different toy collection in it.  Barbies in one, American Girl stuff in another, and so on – but over the course of time Barbies get moved in to the car box or the American Girl stuff finds their way to another tub.  So the purging and sorting began and then I went into the deep pit girl’s room…….. (sorry no, before and after pictures)

Their room actually looks nice – the beds are made – I did a TON of laundry but it’s actually inviting – minus the dusting I still need to do around the ceiling and the shelves.  So after that and because I’m a glutton for punishment I went into my son’s abyss room……


His room after I’d already been cleaning in yesterday.


So today, my goal is to have his room finished, with all toys sorted and put away.  I’ll need to go through the several storage tubs in his closet and purge some more but I know this can be done today.  Then I’ll just need to spend some time dusting each room.


One thing that is frustrating to me, that while I clean my two youngers feel the need to play with the toys already sorted and then leave them lay so I have to come behind them and get them to clean them up AND put them in the correct tub – or when I think I’m done with something I find another bag (my son enjoys tote bags and backpacks) with more toys or drawing stuff in them that I have to sort through – this causes a huge amount of frustration to me.


I love the finished product though and I feel so much more at peace with our home once I’ve really deep cleaned and there is space for new presents that they will get from their 3 sets of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and from us – although we are noticing as they get older their presents are a bit more costly so they don’t get as many as they did in years past.


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