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Blogging Through the Alphabet: H is for Homeschool #grow4christ #abcblogging

on December 2, 2013

H is an easy letter to come up with words, especially since we’re in the season of abundant holidays, like Chanukah, Christmas, Thanksgiving so lots of H words like hope, home, holidays, abound but I chose homeschool.

It’s something I know a lot about.

Our choice to homeschool was made when I was newly pregnant with our first daughter, who is now 11.  It was not a religious choice at that point, I was still running from the Lord but what I saw in the public and private schools I went to I knew I didn’t want any child of mine in them.  Hubby went to parochial school and he felt the same.

The girls with their salamanders when we rowed The Salamander Room.

There came a time I quit running and the Lord caught me and I fell into His open arms.  At that point our decision to homeschool also become one required by our faith convictions.

There are many reasons to homeschool and many more excuses not to homeschool – I’ve heard most of them….

“I just can’t be around my children 24-7”, “I’m not that patient”, “I’m not trained to be a teacher”, and on and on and on…..

A meal worm science program we attended in 2004, Hannah had fun, Bethanne was only a couple months old.

We’ve been able to do things that we wouldn’t have been able to do had I had to go to work, put the children in daycare or school…..

We’ve been able to disciple our children in Christ all the time.

They learn that we are the ones they can come to for their questions – not peers who are learning the wrong things or wrong morals, not a guidance counselor.

We can take vacations in times when it’s less busy and really enjoy ourselves.

Field trips are easier as we can to museums and such when it’s less busy for lots of hands on learning that wouldn’t happen in school.

They get experience with a wide variety of ages, not just a group of their own peers, they also get to experience more of life!

Hands-on learning at a children’s science museum.

Don’t let me fool you – homeschool isn’t easy – and any homeschooler who tells you that either has only one child or the Lord has given them all children who listen and do everything their told.

Homeschooling is hard…….it’s tiring…’s exhausting……it’s challenging BUT

Homeschooling is a blessing……wonderful……challenging…..filled with opportunities to experience, love, give, serve, learn and grow.

I yell, the children yell.  The children fight.  I have to stop reading.  I cry.  I want to rip my hair out some days BUT

I love my children more and more each day.  I get to be the one they come to when they need help with a math problem, a body question, a friend problem.  I know my children – I know who they are, their likes, their dislikes, their friends, their dreams.

So, the Lord takes our weaknesses and make us strong through Him – honestly I’m not sure how those without the Lord can homeschool – I have to lean on Him every day because some days He’s the only thing keeping me going!

For us, homeschool is a way of life, it’s what we do and it works for us!
Blogging Through the Alphabet

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