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Worthy Publishing: A Walk One Christmas Night by Al Andrews #grow4christ

on December 2, 2013

About the Book:

A Real Christmas Story

Rediscover the simple joy of wonder!
What started as a simple, late night stroll to clear his head from the hassles of the season turned into something that can only be described as…real.
About Al Andrews:
Al Andrews is the director of Porter’s Call, a ministry to recording artists and their families in Franklin, Tennessee. He devotes 100% of the profits of his children’s books to charities that aid children in crisis and inner city initiatives.

My Opinion:

It’s not often that a small, 96 page book can affect me the way this one did but I’m glad it did – I read it in about 10 minutes and each of those 10 minutes were deep and moving and all about Christmas.  A man, starts out on a walk on a cold, snowy night, needing to clear his head because of all the stuff that fills his days not to mention the crowds, the hurry, the lines that accompany what the world thinks this time is all about.  So he sets out, the simple illustrations depict him walking his neighborhood with some twinkling lights and he comes upon on a Nativity Scene.  You know the one, a beautiful Mary clothed in blue, an older Joseph dressed in brown, a smiling babe depicting Jesus and of course the requisite shepherds and wise men.  Then a whisper comes…..

Now we all know that inanimate objects and statues don’t talk but what if they could?  What would Mary say?  What about Joesph?  The Angel? Baby Jesus?  Would Mary remind us it’s not about her, it’s not about her being venerated, that she has absolutely no idea how to be a mom?  Would Joseph remind us that Jesus is not his blood child, that he is poor, that he has absolutely no idea how to be a parent?  Would the wise men tell us they didn’t see Jesus until he was a toddler?  Imagine.  That is what this book does – it makes one ponder the reality that we have been shown and the reality that is real – we don’t see Mary as she may have looked, as we looked just hours after giving birth, the shepherds joy as they look on the Savior.  A Walk One Winter Night is a great little book in gift book size 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches and sells for $14.99 and it’s a great little book to read with your children as we ponder this miracle that we are about to celebrate.


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