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Kregel Tour: The Advent of Murder by Martha Ockley #grow4christ

on December 10, 2013

About the Book:

Faith Morgan, former policewoman and vicar of the small English village of Little Worthy, goes to visit one of her parishioners at his farm, only to discover the house surrounded by police cars. A body has been found in the local river and farmer Markham is charged with murder.

Though busy with preparations for Christmas, Faith is called on to investigate when it’s found out that the victim is also a member of her congregation—Lucas Kemp, a member of the choir.

Faith’s informal inquiries lead her to uncover a hotbed of tensions and romantic rivalries in the choir, questions about drugs, and a run-in with an unsavory uncle—which leads to a dramatic rescue by Ben, Faith’s former detective partner and ex-boyfriend.

In the tradition of Father Brown and Miss Marple, The Advent of Murder brings readers an authentic picture of English rural and church life combined with a satisfying mystery that will keep readers guessing until the end.

The book can be purchase at Kregel, Amazon and other retailers.

My Opinion:

I’m becoming quite a fan of British authors and books, although one can definitely tell that they are a bit more liberal with their use of colorful language (the D word is used twice but an non-Believer and the B word is used to describe a female dog, used in context) and having female clergy.  This is book 2 but even though I haven’t read Martha Ockley (her real name is Rebecca Jenkins) before and didn’t have any background on Faith Morgan I was able to jump right in and know what was going on, complete with feeling like I was at home in this English Village.  Faith is a police woman turned vicar who is still finding her way in how to manage the parish as well as her personal life all while caught up in helping to investigate the murder of a young man.

Despite my two reservations above I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Faith is a delightful young woman who I feel we would be good friends, if she were real even with our differences in how we view women pastorates.  I immediately became wrapped up in the story line and there was enough information given that those who were in the first book are easy enough to figure out in this book, which made for a pleasant read.  I will be seeking out others of Martha/Rebecca’s books because if The Advent of Murder is any indication her other books will be a pleasure to read as well.  If you enjoy suspense, faith and the English country side then I would suggest you grab yourself and copy, cozy up with some tea and begin reading!

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