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Purging and Cleaning part 2 #grow4christ

on December 12, 2013

I had wanted to update before now but we’ve had some medical issues come up so we’ve been dealing with that and trying to get as much school done as we can as well as me trying to review all my late review books….. so if you read my first post on Purging and Cleaning you’ll know that it’s sort of a tradition to clean and purge our children’s rooms prior to Christmas.  With three sets of Grandparents this is a great practice.

It took me almost 4 days to clean my son’s room versus the two for my daughter’s room and only 1 child claims his room!  I found a stash of drawings that he just couldn’t throw away but I convinced we needed to but he could keep some as papers tend to attract bugs and insects which I don’t want to deal with.  We purged quite a bit but also threw out quite a bit from his room and I’m thankful to my oldest daughter who helped me out a lot with cleaning as well as throwing out things he probably wouldn’t have parted with had he known (like those annoying McD toys).

The after picture! Whew!

The little wagon is now holding all the oversized books that won’t fit on the shelves – since I grew tired of constantly telling son and middle daughter they were too big to ride in it and I needed the books off the floor!  We still need two more bookshelves though, one to replace one that is broke and another because we need it.  The black bags hold son’s drawing pads, drawings he absolutely couldn’t part with and other supplies.  His other toys are sorted out and stored in the closet that he can easily get to if he wants to play with them.

My first post about this was on November 27th and I’m happy to report that both rooms have stayed decent!  The children seem to enjoy a clean room and are actually making an effort to keep the tubs sorted and the rooms picked up.  I went in this week and did a quick clean up and was happy that it wasn’t as bad as I was suspecting it would be.  Their rooms are homey and it makes it nice to go in and actually sit in their rooms with them and chat or read or even watch a movie (I haven’t done that though, only so many times I can watch Willie Wonka 😀 )

The best part there will be places to put their presents they’ll be getting at Christmas and they’ll be able to be played with instead of being broken.  I just pray we can continue to inspire them to keep it picked up.


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