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Nailritz Review: Neon Nail Art kit @nailritz #grow4christ #giveaway

on December 19, 2013

NailRitz Review of neon nail art pens @GrowingForChrist

Normally I don’t like nail polish or any sort of nail art because it’s not good to have around children because of the chemicals and the smell but I’m going to introduce you today to a product called NailRitz that makes a line of nail art pens that come in various kits like the French, Princess, Matte, Neon (which is what I received), and others.  Each kits comes with 10 fashion colors that has it’s own brush and micro-tip pen, 5 connector rings, 1 design booklet/instructions and cleaning tool.  The only exception to this is the French kit which has 4 colors and 2 twist and join rings.  If you want to see the nail art pens in action before buying check out the NailRitz YouTube channel!

As I said above usually I can’t stand nail polish, but I must stress that NailRitz is called earth friendly as it has no phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, or toluene – the pens/polish are 100% free of these three chemicals.  With that said there is still an odor – it’s not as strong or overpowering as other polishes, but unlike other polishes I didn’t not get congested or get a migraine after using the pens.  (I must stress that I am not making any medical claims, only giving my experience with the product, your experience may or may not be the same as mine)  Our neon kit came with the following colors: orange crush, lemon, sunkist, fushia, violet femmes, lime, hot pink, purplicious, outer limits blue and glow in the dark.  The colors were actually perfect for my anti-pink daughter and my very girly daughter as well as me – they are not as 80’s neon colored as I was originally thinking.  The neon kit sells for $29.95 which compared to what I’ve paid in the past for salon nails this is a bargain price plus you don’t have to be surrounded by chemicals.

NailRitz nail art pens review @GrowingForChrist

I kindly allowed my oldest to design my nails, which was fun but led to some fighting in who got to design my nails and what went on them.  We started by reading over the enclosed booklet which gives some ideas on designs and the steps to follow.  Prepare your nails and make sure they are clean, shake bottle and put your base coat on if so desired and let it dry then add your details with the pen.  Easy!  The bottles are squeezeable so that applying details with the pen is easy to use and control – just don’t squeeze it too hard or you might have to start over.  You can find more about NailRitz as well as more ideas for your nails by visiting their Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter social media outlets, and the YouTube channel above.

So I let my oldest look around on Pinterest to find a style she wanted to try on me and she found several but I really wanted something a bit Christmas like so we settled on the Christmas light style – mine don’t look quite like the one in the picture but I thought she did a wonderful job on mine.  One thing I noticed is it seems to take a longer time to dry than other polishes, which it’s hard to just sit still and let it dry when you’re a busy mom of three but once it’s dry it’s hard and stays on well even through hand-washing dishes!  So while it takes longer to dry once it is dry it’s on there like glue, so another positive aspect as compared to other polishes.

My Christmas light nails – we used glow in the dark as a base, neon green for the cord and different colors for the ‘bulbs’

One of the best things about this review is I get to offer you a chance to win two nail art kits!  You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the United States.  Click on the Rafflecopter link: a Rafflecopter giveaway
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