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New Leaf Publishing: The New Answers Book 4 edited by Ken Ham (review) #grow4christ

on December 19, 2013

Review of The New Answers Book 4 edited by Ken Ham @GrowingForChrist About the Book:

The Answers series has been a powerful tool in equipping believers to share and defend their faith. Now the newest book in this landmark series takes on hot button topics like climate change, ancient man, and many more. Too many people have walked away from their faith because they sought answers for what seemed a contradiction in Christian belief and scientific teaching. For those who desire a deeper walk and a thriving faith in the face of a growing cultural adversity, now find the answers to questions you have or others may use to genetic engineering, this powerful team of apologists is able to inspire you and those you know who may not yet believe.

You may purchase your copy at Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group for $14.95

Find out more about Ken Ham by visiting Master Books – you can also find his website, Answers in Genesis.

My Opinion:

“….but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” I Peter 3:15 ESV

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with answers to the questions that my children ask me – I can say “go read your Bible” or “God says so” but often times that isn’t enough and it’s not enough of an answer to really get to the heart of the matter and give them the meat they so need and deserve.  So when I got the chance to receive The New Answers Book 4 that is edited by Ken Ham I knew I’d be able to read through and delve into some questions and their Biblical answers.  There are many contributors to this book such as Don Landis, Bodie Hodge, Dr. Tommy Mitchell, Dr. Benjamin Shaw and many, many more knowledgeable people.  Like the verse I quoted above there comes a time when Christians will be called to give a defense for our hope (our Faith) and sometimes, no matter how much we read the Bible, pray and seek godly counsel we still have no idea how to answer those who question us.

Due to that I’m so thankful that there are men and women who take the time to write thoughtful and Biblical answers to the questions that are posed to us such as was Noah’s ark really made of wood, or were cavemen as they are perceived, should there be a war between science and faith, are GMO’s wrong and more.  You might surprised by some of the answers that come from years of research as well as Scriptural basis – yes science and the Bible do align!  Some of the questions are bigger than those my children have asked, but are great for myself or my husband who have friends and family who believe differently than us and we need to give a defense without getting bent out of shape.

I recommend this book for Christians, who like me, have been asked why don’t I believe in the gap theory or the big bang or why I believe that there were dinosaurs on the Ark and that there was no death prior to Adam and Eve.  There were a couple chapters that even this college educated, home school mom found challenging because of the technicalities involved such as how big is the universe, but the other chapters and their questions were well done that most lay people can easily understand it but also those who have engineering type of minds will get a lot from reading it.  If you desire to learn more about what the Bible AND science has to say about issues in Christianity then this book will be of a huge benefit to keep on your bookshelf – as long as you read it!

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  1. Michael Snow says:

    Many Christians know the the phrase and misapply it, but do not know “the gap theory”–a speculation that the reason for the state of the earth in Gen. 1:2 is that before that it was created perfect and then Satan fell and messed it all up (to put it in one sentence).

    But the “gap theory” can become an excuse for running rough shod over the first two verses of Scripture. rather than taking them at face value.

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