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Snow fun like snow fun! #grow4christ

on December 20, 2013

Snow fun like snow fun - @GrowingForChrist

Our snow is gone – well almost – it’s getting into the 50’s and so the snow is quickly melting along with rain, it feels more like Easter than Christmas.  But last week was a different story – we got around 6 inches of snow and I let my rules of not having snow pants, boots and the whole nine yards go out the door and sent the children our to play.  Of course the temps were quite cold so they couldn’t stay out long but it was long enough to burn off some of that pent up energy.

Christian making snow balls to throw at his sisters.

The girls throwing snow at each other.

We also had some fake snow fun at a children’s museum – they got to pretend ice fish, go down a snow slide and feed ‘reindeer’ as well as other fun activities.  My mom and I played a large sized game of checkers which my oldest grew bored with since it took so long to finish it (I won!).


Bethanne and Christian going down the fake snow slide, the museum calls it the ‘yule slide’.


Ice fishing.

The last few weeks have been a blur so it’s been nice giving the children some fun stuff to do – and now with 5 days before Christmas the excitement is building as is the anticipation of what the next few days are going to hold.

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