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Blogging Through the Alphabet: L is for…… #grow4christ #abcblogging

on December 24, 2013

L is for Love.

The past few weeks have really put into perspective what love is……love doesn’t come easy to me – I’m not a romantic person, I don’t need flowers or candlelight or music I’m not wired that way.  Give me a few hours with a good book…….now that’s romance!

I’m not talking about romance though…..

I’m talking about the love that means you hold back the tears so that you appear to be holding things together….

I’ve watched my oldest daughter go through a major surgery.  My children and I have visited my husband as he’s spent many a day in the hospital.

Love means not complaining.  Oh believe me I’ve wanted to and I probably have – it’s been stressful with him there, us here, preparing for Christmas, my tooth acting up and of course having to hold down things at home.

Love means to be graceful and meek – so instead of spouting off what I really think when the nurses neglect to tell my husband he’s supposed to be fasting, allowing him to eat two meals, and then postponing a test – I keep quiet.

As our anniversary fast approaches – 13 years on 1-1-14 – it makes me take stock of what is love.  That newlywed love doesn’t last, in some ways, yes but your love grows and matures and goes through upheavals – it’s the love that is strong and not based solely on emotions or feelings that last – it’s the love that is solid, mature, and flexible that lasts.

I don’t mean flexible in that you move on to the next person but flexible that your love can withstand the winds that blow, whether soft, gentle spring breezes or the hard, cold, destructive winter winds.  In sickness and health, truly means in sickness and health – it could be a brief cold or it could be an extended health issue like my husband – if your love is built solely on fun, emotions and feelings versus a strong, mature and love that only God can give then your love is fleeting.

Love that stays means you can stay strong in sickness and enjoy times of health.  Love that is strong means you don’t run away at the first argument but you stay and pray through it.  If you look at the love of the Lord – He doesn’t turn us away at the first sin, He doesn’t run when we are ill, He doesn’t turn His back when our faith lags and we ask “why?”.  If our love is like the Lord’s it is strong, it grows better with time and can take on even the worst storm.

So love, what’s yours look like?
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  1. LaRee says:

    Happy (upcoming) anniversary! I’ll be praying for you and your family, that God will give you the strength you need during a season of challenges!

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