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CWA Review: Faith Joseph’s Story; A Novel and Christian Bible Study by Sandra Lea Hardage #grow4christ #CWAREVIEWCREW

on January 5, 2014

About the Book:

ISBN: 978-1-4627-2783-4

List Price: $14.99

Format: Softcover

Page Count: 206

At the age of seventeen, Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, faces the wrath of jealousy, hatred, and deceit from his own brothers. He is thrust into a world of slavery, lust, and power. Joseph experiences a culture so different from his own that he must adapt quickly just to survive. He learns to trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and be content in the difficult circumstances that challenge him far too often.

Narrated by Joseph himself, FAITH Joseph’s Story communicates the power of this young man’s faith-faith that began in the midst of a plot to murder him and ends with his rise to power in Egypt. It show the perseverance one must find to overcome the negative experiences that happen in life, and it provides a testament to the importance of placing complete faith and trust in God.

With Bible study materials and a leader’s guide included, FAITH-Joseph’s Story is not only a novel from Joseph’s perspective but also a Bible Study in God’s Word and is written for the individual or small group study.

You can purchase it on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

About Sandra Lea Hardage:

Sandra Hardage considers Jesus Christ her Savior and her family including husband, children and grandchildren the chief blessings in her life. She has been married to her husband Jim for forty-four years, has three grown children with Christian spouses and eight grandchildren between the ages of two to fifteen.

From the age of ten, God began to stir a desire in Sandra’s heart to become a teacher. She did in fact fulfill that desire and has worked in education all her life. Positions she held in pursuit of teaching include: public school teacher, coordinator of a televised GED-ONTV program, coordinator of an Adult Education Learning Center, coordinator of Technology, Distance Learning and Media for an education cooperative, Sunday School teacher, Bible study leader, associational women’s ministry director and online Bible teacher.

During years as Sunday school teacher, the Lord placed on her heart the sensitivity for the feelings of Biblical characters. As a result, she began writing stories of God’s people. After retiring, the Lord placed Joseph on her heart and over a four and a half years period, she wrote FAITH Joseph’s Story, a novel and Bible Study.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters of Science in Education degrees and has taken many courses along the way to hone the skills needed for the jobs that God placed in her path including computers, web design, distance learning, curriculum and much more. She feels that every area in teaching and learning were inpreparation for her current role as creator and founder of the online ministry: My Journey of Faith.

The ministries website is a gathering place for encouraging Christians women in their daily journey of life. It is her desire for this ministry to be used by God to encourage Christians and uplift the name of Jesus Christ by sharing stories through CWA Radio, My Journey of Faith magazine, Bible studies, blogs and more.

My Opinion:

This is not your average book, in it is a novel and a Bible study, which may not seem odd in and of itself but usually the author splits the book and Bible study up so it’s in two different books.  I love the idea of having it together, one it makes it so much more affordable to those who can’t buy two books, it also saves on space and also makes it easy to refer back to the novel part without having to have a study, novel, Bible and a notebook.  The novel part of the story tells the story of Joseph, you know the one – colorful coat, brothers who hated him because of his cockiness, thrown in a well and sold into slavery……. and I loved that it stayed true to the Biblical and historical account of Joseph – Sandra does not add a lot of detail, except she does add some of the feelings that everyone probably went through – she leaves the rest alone.

It’s also relatively short, just 9 chapters that covers 74 pages and that includes the epilogue.  I read the novel part within just a couple of hours and it kept my attention through the whole story, but I enjoy the story of Joseph so it was easy enough to stay focused and I like the detail of how each person was feeling and how Sandra added those details without adding to or taking away from the actual Scripture.  Each chapter is preceded by a beautiful image depicting what is going to take place in that chapter and adds to the old fashioned feel of the book.

The Bible study takes you on an in depth look at the story of Joseph and how his story and his lessons learned can apply to us.  Exploring family traits, both his and ours, how he reacted to his brothers and even his time in prison – gives us a glimpse that while Joseph lived several thousand years before us we can still learn a great deal from him and how he reacted to his situations.  When we first meet him he is a bit cocky due to the favoritism that this father bestows upon him – in being thrown in a pit and sold he realizes that God is with him but as soon as he is elevated and given power he fails to lean on God and back to the pits he goes.  Isn’t that just like us?  Leaning on God during the bad times but as soon as things turn around we wrongly believe we can do it on our own.  I strongly recommend this Bible study that is grounded firmly in the Word of God and is not ashamed to stand for the Truth contained within.


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