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Recognition for hard work #grow4christ #AHG

on January 6, 2014

Back in November (yes I’m late but we’ve had so much going on) we had our American Heritage Girls awards, this is our second time, some of the girls earned their Joining Award while others received badges they had worked hard on over the last few months.  I’m the Explorer Unit Leader and it’s been fun to lead the girls in badge work as well as see some of them work on other badges outside of our group meetings.  I have a great group of girls, two of which are mine, and it’s so great teaching them and giving them guidance in both their life and in the Lord.  I’m also glad that my girls, and the others, have a Christian alternative to girls’ groups who promote a humanistic worldview – in American Heritage Girls serving God, their families and their communities come first.

On a personal note my girls have gotten a lot of work done, even with my oldest having major surgery last month in October she managed to get several badges earned and my other daughter also managed to earn a couple too.  There are also currently working on finishing a few as well and starting a group badge at our next December meeting.  Hannah earned the Internet Adventure, My Style, Freedom Seekers, All God’s Children, and her Our Flag badges.  Bethanne earned her Freedom Seekers, All God’s Children and Our Flag badges.  Hannah is also working hard so she can earn her level award with it being her last year as an Explorer she only has a couple of months to complete the extensive requirements that are required – Bethanne still has the rest of this year and next to earn her level award.

Prior to our awards ceremony the girls got to participate in the church’s prayer shawl blessing.  If you remember I wrote about it in my post, Blessings Abound, which is a wonderful ministry in this church and all the girls, and my son got to participate in praying over the shawls.  Then we had a potluck meal – which are hard for me to attend and eat at since the hidden danger of eggs could be lurking in any of the dishes and I think I may have mistakenly eaten something with eggs hidden at some point 😦 but the food was good as was the fellowship.

Bethanne receiving her badges. Sorry for the poor picture quality, hubby was in charge of the camera.

Hannah returning to her seat after getting her badges.

All three children with their Operation Christmas Boxes before we go to a meeting.

While Hannah was still recovering the girls helped pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child so I was able to get 3 boxes and we filled those the night before our awards dinner – even Christian participated – this earned them a little service time but also they love filling and giving to other children who may only see this one box filled with gifts this one time in their entire life.  Truly being the hands and feet of Christ.

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