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Blogging Through the Alphabet: O and P is for…. #grow4christ #abcblogging

on January 26, 2014

Of course I’m late again but if you read my post about my mind going blank, you’ll know that we’ve been under a lot of stress lately and so my O word is Opposition and my P word is Packing.   In the last few weeks we’ve met with opposition such as naysayers but it feels like a spiritual battle is being fought in our house – Satan is using his wiles to really make our house feel like a battleground and he wants nothing more than to tear apart families.  Satan is using the stress of the last few months to wear us down – I’m so tired lately and I know that exercise would help with that as well as the stress but it’s hard fighting those who fight against me.   We’ve had people who are not supportive of us and the choices we’ve had to make and I think too Satan is using these people to make us feel beaten, but you know what?  We have Someone stronger, Someone who has already won the battle and even though I’m tired and feel beaten down I know that Jesus has me and my family in His hands.  So while we are battling opposition I know that we are going to win this battle, that we will come out stronger in the end and once again God will get the glory!   As for P and packing well, we’re packing – and we have a lot to pack with five people and 13 years of marriage we’ve accumulated a lot.   We’ll also be donating quite a bit – our attic is full…….   I’m so happy though as we’re going to have more room which means I’ll be able to be more organized and maybe even have a place where I can do my crafting – in fact the dining room will be our piano, school, library and crafting/sewing area.   My oldest has been great in getting things packed up neatly in boxes which I so appreciate, and I’m glad we don’t have babies because the whole process would be so much more tedious – not that I don’t want babies but moving and in the circumstances we’re in right now is not pleasant, although the thought of a baby is pleasant 😀   So under much opposition we’re packing and trying to make the best of things, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if you’d please join us in praying that the offer my mom made on another house is quickly accepted and it won’t take till March 21st for her to move out and for us to move in, it’d be greatly appreciated.   Blogging Through the Alphabet

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