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Booksneeze Review: Compass The Study Bible for Navigating Your Life By Ecclesia Bible Society #grow4christ

on February 5, 2014

About the Book:

Compass is about helping you find the answers you’re looking for in the pages of the Scriptures and allowing that truth navigate your life. Packed with Bible-reading helps and using an energizing, new Bible translation, Compass is a Bible designed with you in mind. Do you want to start reading and applying the Bible to your life, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Let Compass point you in the right direction.

Features include:

  • In-text notes that include cultural, historical, theological, and devotional thoughts
  • God’s Promises®—Thomas Nelson’s bestselling guide to Scripture for your every need Book introductions
  • Reading plans for every day of the year
  • Topical Guides to Scripture and notes
  • In-text maps

You can purchase your copy at Thomas Nelson or Amazon.

My Opinion:

I get nervous when I try out a new translation of the Bible and while the Voice isn’t new, it’s been around for a few years, I still get nervous and it’s impossible to go line for line against my KJV, ESV and other translations to check for inconsistencies in the time it takes to do a timely review.  With that being said I must say I do enjoy having the Compass study Bible on my shelf, the pages are thicker than usual allowing for highlighting or notes in the margins without fear of bleeding through (there isn’t a lot of margin room but if you write small and use abbreviations it’s fine).  When I get a new Bible I usually flip to Psalm 23 to see how it reads as that is my favorite Psalm and the one I first memorized as a child, part of it reads:

“The Eternal is my shepherd, He cares for me always.  He provides me rest in rich, green field beside streams of refreshing waters.  He soothes my fears.” Psalms 23:1-2 Compass page 643

Part of misses the way I memorized it: “The Lord is my shepherd…” but I still like the way this reads, it stays true to Scripture and doesn’t rewrite it as much as it is translated to more modern English.  The in text notes really give a good deal of information about what was going on or how that particular Scripture came about or who wrote it, which is great for this lay historian.  The topical guide to the notes and to the Scriptures has many topics that can be found if you’re wanting to do a word study or need help in an area, like circumcision, Day of Atonement, purity, restoration, courtship and more which is great and an easy way to find a specific Scripture.

The maps are wonderfully detailed but in black and white, which wasn’t an issue for me but could be for someone else.  Maps included are world of the patriarchs, the Exodus, Paul’s missionary journey’s, and several others.  The maps are located in one area in the back of the Bible or if you chose, you can also locate them within the text by using the index to find which pages they are on withing their respective books.  The road map to God’s Promises is a really neat feature in that it has Scripture related to “Jesus is Your…..Savior, Righteousness, Brother and so on” as well as “What the Bible Has to Say About…. The Grace of God, Satan, and more” and even areas for “What to Do When…”  Also included are reading guides on of which is a year reading plan and the other is a “40 Day Retreat with Jesus” plan – truly this Bible is a great one for study or just to get a bit closer to the Lord.

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4 responses to “Booksneeze Review: Compass The Study Bible for Navigating Your Life By Ecclesia Bible Society #grow4christ

  1. Blossom says:

    Nice to the point review. What Bible do you usually read?
    I have this one on the way to review. I’m not entirely sure why I chose it now that I think about it. I am not sure I’ll enjoy it… perhaps I will be surprised? Guess we’ll see!
    I’m hoping the topical notes will be beneficial. I don’t relish the thought of the changes to words such as Lord to Eternal.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Hello! I love my KJV and my ESV versions – those are my go to translations 🙂 I will say seeing Lord changed to Eternal or Anointed One is a bit weird at first but it does make one see Him as He is – Eternal, I mean we know that but it’s not always in our face, does that make sense? 😀 I think the other thing that I should have mentioned is that some books read like a play, so in Genesis you have God, Adam and Eve and when they speak it says Adam:……. which is both interesting and odd LOL

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