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Worthy Publishing: Bounce Back by Julie Clinton #grow4christ

on February 12, 2014

About the Book:

When Your Heart is Empty and Your Dreams Are Lost

Brokenhearted, disappointed, and wanting more from life—if we are honest, most of us have endured a season or two or incredible difficulty. Julie Clinton sees and hears the needs and concerns of women all over America on a regular basis. She shows the way forward when all seems lost. In this transparent and encouraging book she walks beside her readers, revealing three steps to a more fulfilled life: breathe, believe, and bounce back. Clinton provides wisdom and encouragement to help women rediscover their joy and strength.

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About the Author:

Julie Clinton, M.Ad., M.B.A., president of Extraordinary Women, has spoken to hundreds of thousands of women as host of E-Women conferences all across America, and is author of Extraordinary Women: Discovering the Dream God Created for You, the devotional Living God’s Dream for You, 10 Things You Aren’t Telling Him, and A Woman’s Path to Emotional Freedom. A woman of deep faith, she cares passionately about seeing women live out their dreams by finding their freedom in Christ. Julie and her husband, Tim, live near Lynchburg, Virginia with their children, Meagan and Zach.

My Opinion:

Each of us as women have had a moment or more in our lives where our heart becomes empty or feel like we are lost – and that is where Bounce Back by Julie Clinton comes in.  I normally don’t read books like this because honestly, even when I’m going through trials I tend to look on the happy side even if I do have complaints, overall I try to stay optimistic.  That wasn’t always the case though as I suffered for many years with severe, debilitating depression in my late teens to early 20’s – it wasn’t until I had my first child and ran back to the Father that I felt the fog lift and the despair disappear – I still get winter blues but I can deal with those.  Julie uses stories of women in the Bible and some men who even though they had the whole of Jewish civilization’s survival on their shoulders, gave up the dream of having a child, had their life threatened by an evil Queen or had a 12 year bleeding disorder never gave up the reason for their hope, even when they were probably thinking otherwise.  I think the chapter that spoke most to me was chapter 4, titled “Break Out of Your Limitations” – I don’t feel limited, I love being a homemaking, homeschooling mom and wife but I think the reason why I liked it so much is I got to see some women of the Bible in ways I never saw them before and I really enjoyed that.

The premise of the book is to get us to breathe, believe and bounce back from whatever our issues are stemming from, whether it’s chronic illness, a death, a failing marriage, adultery – whatever it is – we need to distance ourselves and breathe (meaning identifying what the problem is and figuring out a solution, either counseling with a spouse, grief counseling, Bible reading, etc) then believe that God has it in control and will get us through it in His time and His way and bounce back, become a better version of what we were – meaning we may not be the same as we were before the issue but we’re better than we were.  Using real life stories from other women both in the here and now and those that have gone on before us we can gather knowledge so that we too can bounce back.  At first I was worried that this would be a “name it and claim it” philosophy which I don’t ascribe too and was so happy as I kept reading that in fact it wasn’t and it relies heavily on Scripture for the advice given, there are no discussion questions at the end of each chapter, which was for me a benefit as I always feel guilty if I don’t stop and work through them.

There is a reflection guide at the end which gives some ideas if  you’d like to lead a group study of the book as well as reflecting, applying, keeping a journal and of course giving everything up in prayer to the Lord as you read through the book.  The reflection guide isn’t a line by line guide to questions and such but more of a guide to make you think about what you read in each chapter and how to use those reflections to bounce back – there are no right and wrong answers to how you bounce back, as long as you do it.  I could have used this book after the birth of my first daughter when I was dealing with anger stemming from the unnecessary c-section, it would have saved my husband and I lot of tears and fights.  I’d definitely recommend this to women who are tired of being stuck where they are and want to overcome hurt, bitterness, heartache, un-forgiveness and more and have a more fulfilling life that Christ can give.

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