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Happy 12th Birthday to our Sweetie! #grow4christ

on February 15, 2014

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Another year has passed and my 1st born is now 12 years old.  It is bittersweet, part of me misses that baby who needed me 24 hours a day for all her nourishment, cleaning but a part of me rejoices in the young lady (she’ll hate me saying that) that she is becoming.  She is a godly young woman who is strong willed, just like her mom but is oh so passionate about many issues.  She succeeds at school and is a wonderful student (okay the teacher is a bit partial) and loves to read.

She’s been through so much this year with finding out she needed spinal fusion and the recovery from that as well as being a big help to me while her dad spent time in the hospital.  She’s not big on hugs but has her own way of showing her affection – like a drawing of something she knows one of us likes – and maybe just maybe a surprise hug!  No matter how much she fights with her siblings she still loves them and it’s hard to see sometimes but it comes through.

She is involved in Christian Worship Dance level 2 where she excels even after taking 3 months off for surgery and dancing in a brace for 1 month.  She’s won 2nd place twice in cavies in 4-H and is going for 1st place this year, strives to earn badges as an American Heritage Girl and is almost to achieving her level award.  She has even been planning a benefit art show that will donate money to a local charity.

She helps me in the kitchen, which makes washing dishes go so much faster.  She’s a great cook.  She has many friends, one of which she is saving up so she and I can go visit her out of state.  She’s got an entrepreneurial mind and looks for ways to raise money to help others.  She loves fiercely – if you’re her friend your her friend for life.  The only thing I regret about raising her is relying on her too much in helping me with the house and with her siblings and not making them do more.

So, with all that said I’m sending my oldest daughter, my Whovian, Sherlockian, my Sweetie a happy 12th birthday, may the Lord continue to bless her.



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  1. Julieanne M. says:

    My two daughters are Whovians, too! 🙂 I surprised them by putting Dr. Who free printable Valentines all over their bathroom so when they woke up in the morning, they saw them. They loved them! 🙂

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