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Tyndale Review: Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd #grow4christ

on February 19, 2014

About the Book:

Best-selling author Sheri Rose Shepherd uses charming princess characters and easy-to-understand Bible stories to help share spiritual wisdom and truths in this sweetly illustrated Bible storybook. This is a wonderful introduction to the Bible for even the tiniest of princesses! Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess is a fresh way to teach little girls—toddlers and preschoolers—the foundations of the Christian faith. Simple lessons on how to know God, learning to pray, having faith, and understanding right from wrong make this the perfect first Bible. Using charming and engaging illustrations on every spread, princess-themed lessons, and easy-to-understand verses from the NLT, this Bible storybook will get little girls excited about engaging with God’s Word.

You can purchase a copy at Tyndale.


My Opinion:


I requested this book for my 9 year old daughter as she enjoys the pink, princess-y stuff so this was right up her alley and I liked the idea of having Scripture and God’s Truths woven into the girly theme.  She loves it!  I must say that I too like it but while I do it’s definitely too young for my daughter – however it would be great for a younger girl who is just starting to read or for a mom to read with a daughter who isn’t at the reading stage yet.  The Bible verses are taken from the NLT Bible so they provide an easy to read and understand translation of the Bible for young readers and there are 37 Bible stories from the Creation of the world to Christ’s death and resurrection.

As I said I did enjoy this and my daughter is still enjoying reading it but as I went through it on my own I must say I had a couple reservations, the first being that these Biblical truths are a re-telling and come across more as stories than as real, historical events.  In light of that some issues are glossed over, sin is not mentioned in the telling of Adam and Eve or Noah and there are only 2 of the 10 commandments given.  I know I’m probably nit picking, it’s a book for younger girls who may not be ready for such larger issues but I’ve preferred to tell my children the whole story and also I try not to refer to the Bible as stories as that gives a notion that the events aren’t real or that they are just stories.  As I said there were some things I noticed like the birth of Christ is depicted as usual in a barn like stable surrounded by animals and the wise men visit an infant – again maybe I’m just nit picky.

With that said, there were aspects I really liked – the illustrations, done by Shelley Dieterichs are beautiful water color-like paintings that give a feminine and peaceful feel through out the book.  Also of note and something else I really liked was the princess prayer which was a small prayer that relates to the story and allows the child to pray on her own – and also could give the parent time to elaborate on the prayer as it relates to the event.  There are princess jewels which as simple thoughts about a lesson to be learned from the event, for instance the princess jewel for the event of Moses in the basket says “God gave you a family to love and take care of you” (page 24).  These can open up a discussion between the parent and the child about how one can show love to family members and what does it mean to be taken care of and how does the Heavenly Father show us love and take care of us.  Overall, this is a cute book that I would be fine with giving to a young girl as a present to open the doors of giving the Truth that is contained within the Bible in an age appropriate way.


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