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Blogging Through the Alphabet: T is for Timeline #grow4christ #abcblogging

on February 21, 2014

I had several words I wanted to use for T but decided to stick with something simple and came up with T is for Timeline.  When we first started homeschooling I didn’t think timelines were great things but now I truly enjoy them and we enjoy seeing our progress through history through the year – we started with Mystery of History Volume I (only my oldest 2 fully completed that volume) but did not take the time to make the timeline.

You can read more about our timelines here and here.

Anyway – we’ve almost completed our 2nd full timeline which is for Mystery of History Volume 3 – we have only about 12 more figures to add.  I was planning to be finished with Volume 3 by now but we’ve had a lot of things come up so it’s taking us longer to finish what I wanted too in regards to history as well as science.

Our Mystery of History Volume 3 timeline folded up.

We makes ours following the suggestions in the Mystery of History curricula, using a folding sewing board, which I then cover with the help of a child and my husband with decorative contact paper (I try to find a pattern that complements the book or somehow the theme of that text) and then we add duct tape strips inside and I use the free figures on the yahoo groups that other moms have kindly made and shared (hopefully a mom will do that for Volume 4 as well).  It takes probably and hour or so to get it covered and the strips put on and it’s well worth it.  I didn’t add a tie to it this year and I ran out of ink when copying the text cover for the front 😦

Our next time line will be for my middle daughter’s communication American Heritage Girls badge in which she will make a timeline depicting the history of communication such as writing, telephones, morse code, telegraphs, etc.  The problem with this is finding a good source that is based on our worldview and not millions of years (most secular time lines don’t show language developing as soon as we believe it really did).  For that timeline I’ll be printing blank sheets off the internet and we’ll put them in a folder or three ring binder for ease of transporting to our AHG meetings when she has to share her timeline.  I’m excited for this one.

Almost finished timeline for Mystery of History Volume 3.

Timelines are great so that children (and adults) can see how one event coincided with another or where someone or an event is placed in history.  Want to know what was going on in a certain Dynasty in China – take a look at a timeline.  Not sure which explorer was exploring America before it was America – take a look at a timeline.  There are many uses for timelines and they are really good in helping everyone ‘see’ history and put it into context – and how it fits into His story.  Of course you don’t have to do how we did there are many ways to do timelines – I’ve seen them in three rings binders, index cards stored in boxes, I even have a friend who uses a wall to make their timeline.  This one works great for our school though with limited space and even more limited wall space – we can pull it out at will and fold it up and put it away when needed.  Even once we get moved I like the idea of being able to fold it up out of the way.

I’m actually looking forward to hopefully cycling back through Volume I again and making at timeline for that one because we didn’t do that the first time around, of course at this point it will only be my youngest doing it because we need to get through Volume 4 – or I have my oldest do Volume 4 on her own making a three ring binder time line and my middle and younger children doing Volume I with me.  We’ll see.  One note – I do not make the figures.  I use the free ones and I print them out and allow the children to decorate them – this is their timeline and I want them to feel a sense of ownership, plus I realize they don’t learn as much if I do it.  I have had to overcome my want of perfection when it comes to the figures – I tell them briefly what ideas Mrs. Hobar has for each event or person and let them color and design their figure.  The only thing I do is cover it and then tape the figures on (I’ve found out gluing does not work).  With a 7 year old boy, a 9 year old girl and a 12 year old girl – there are varying levels of artistic talents and abilities and it makes for quite a timeline but I know one of these days we’ll all look back on them with fond memories.

If you’d like to comment I’d love to know if you do timelines, how do you them?

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  1. I love timelines. This year I did a wall one down our hallway. We use My Father’s World and their are timeline figures that go with it. My oldest daughter is doing the highschool program for My Father’s World, and her timeline is in the book from Homeschool in the Woods. It’s a beautiful book, and she really has enjoyed doing it.

    I also have a great timeline book that opens out and is huge. It is Adams’ Book of History. It was written in the early 1900s, so it doesn’t really have modern history. But it is very detailed and has lines for all the major world cultures from ancient times and a line for the life of Christ.

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