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Kregel Tour: Re-Creatable: How God Heals the Brokeness of Life by Kevin Scott #grow4christ

on February 21, 2014

About the Book:

ReCreatable begins with the story of a glass baking dish, the delectable aroma of tantalizing brownies, and an unseen defect that turns the promise of something delicious into a minor disaster, leaving glass fragments and brownies irretrievably intermingled. Both the dish and brownies are irrevocably lost.

The implications for us are inescapable: created by God to reflect his glory and for his pleasure, we have been broken by sin to the point that we are completely useless to accomplish the purpose for which we were made. But, unlike the shattered brownie dish that gets discarded as worthless, God takes the shards of our lives and does the miraculous. He does not simply fit us back together. He takes those splinters of our destruction and uses them to re-create us: complete, restored, redeemed, and fitted to do and be all that he ever intended for us.

ReCreatable leads us progressively through the impact of the creative genius of God in our lives. It points us to the reality of restored relationships, the resurrection of our role as true reflectors of God’s glory, and the revolutionary life that can be ours when we learn to be true disciples—re-created to live well for God.

You can purchase a copy at Kregel.

My Opinion:


I wish I had had more time to actually work through this study because I think I would have gotten more out of it if I had had the time to sit down and work through the questions at the end of each chapter.  This study is so relevant today in our culture that tells us we are only worth how much we weigh, how we look or what we do for a living – but God isn’t about that, no matter what you’ve done in the past, how much you weigh or what you look like the Lord can and will redeem us and recreate us in His image and how He wants us.  Is it hard to believe and hard to see – yes it is – our flesh rebels and wants that instant gratification of being in the in crowd with our peers but God has something so much better.  At this time in my life I feel broken, the broken baking dish with the ruined brownies – I’m floundering and that is why this study hit home because I know the Lord wants to recreate me but it’s the idea that He can and will, on His time that makes me pause.


There are three parts of the book: reflect His glory, by living well and in a pocket of the kingdom divided into 12 chapters that go even further into the ideas of the part you’re reading.  I really liked the idea that there are places where the spiritual realm is so much closer to us than we realize – it’s based on a Celtic idea that the veil of Heaven is lifted and so there is a ‘pocket’ that allows us to be closer to the Lord.  If we listen and are aware we too can find those pockets – I know I’ve personally had an encounter like that many years ago.  The chapters may be fairly short but the whole book is one that will have you delving deep into your life and allowing God to recreate you – as the book description says He can take those broken shards that you think are un-usable and He can put them back together into something beautiful, and even better than before – if only we get out of the way and allow Him to do His work.


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