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BookLook Review: Pups of the Spirit illustrated by Deborah Melmon #grow4christ

on February 22, 2014

About the Book:

With adorable pups, kids will enjoy learning fruit of the spirit traits including Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Patience, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control in an easy-accessible way.

Nine Fruits of the Spirit would normally be difficult for little minds to keep track of, but now there are nine personable pups to make it easier and more fun. For puppy lovers and kids ages 4-8 comes a clever picture book that teaches children in a creative way about God’s special attributes for his people.

Each of the canines represents one of the Fruits of the Spirit, introduced one by one with playful rhyming text. Max is filled with love and likes to greet people with a sloppy smooch; Pete the basset hound is so peaceful he falls asleep; Gigi is soft and gentle with God’s creatures. Children, their families, and their teachers will fall in love with the “heavenly hounds” while learning how they can grow closer to God every day.

You can purchase a copy on Zondervan’s website.

My Opinion:

My son was ecstatic when this book arrived in the mail – he loved the puppies in it and the bright, colorful illustrations which did great in keeping his attention as I read, even his 9 year old sister found it interesting and listened in.  I love the Scripture about the Fruits of the Spirit and often when I haven’t shown them the Lord uses it to convict my spirit that I need to work on something whether it be having joy in a hard time or showing gentleness to a crying child when all I want is to read – so I want to teach them to my children as well.  I love how each pup has a name that relates to each spirit to enable a child to remember the spirit alongside the puppy, making memorization and recall fun – no one ever said Bible study and memorization had to be staid and dull.  While all my children love animals, the puppies resonated with my son as some were rough and tumble – while some were girly – but dogs seem to be a hit with children of all ages (my 12 year old thought they were cute too).

I think my only complaint would be where God is referred to as He or Him the H’s aren’t capitalized – which is what I was always taught to do when referring to God you capitalize the H, however I also recognize that young children who are just beginning to read and are taught capitals belong only at the beginning of sentences could become easily confused as to why there is a capital H in the middle of the sentence.  Otherwise, this is a cute book to introduce young children to the Fruits of the Spirit, the pages are sturdy and it’s hard back which hopefully will withstand years of use and it comes with a dust jacket that turns into a poster!  My son is eager to get moved into his new bedroom where I promised I will hang it up for him, even though it goes against everything I believe is a bibliophile.



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