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Art Show and Benefit #grow4christ

on February 24, 2014

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Yesterday, we held an Art Show and Benefit for our American Heritage Troop and it was a great success.  A little background – my oldest daughter, in order to earn her Explorer level award, has several things she must complete such as earning a badge in each frontier, planning a special event for our Troop with a minimum of 2 hours planning, and other items.  This was her special event and honestly it took way more than 2 hours to plan the whole thing, she began in November and the culmination was yesterday.  Her aim was to raise money for a local charity and she chose Interfaith Hospitality Network – and will be presenting them the check at our next Troop meeting in March.


Some of the artwork – a hedgehog, a tree, Merida from Brave and the bid sheets.


So after IHN agreed to let her use them as her charity, it came down to getting the girls and their siblings to make artwork and did they!  We had 39 pieces of artwork from drawings, computer pictures, clay pots and more – there was a wide variety of art and she is hoping to make it bigger next year.  The Troop coordinator provided sandwiches, and everyone else pitched in with baked goods, ice, paper good, and soda and it came together nicely and all the hungry children were able to grab lunch after church.  She set the minimum bid at $5.00 for each piece of art and there was active competition for some of the pieces!  It was fun to watch my 7 year old son bid against a woman of my age and cousin to one of the girls for a potholder – yes, my son WANTED that potholder, never mind he could make one at home himself!!  He did end up winning a pastel drawing of a bird – we also won two pieces of my own children’s art back and my oldest’s drawing of Meridia made one little girl VERY happy.


American Hertitage Girls,art benefit,butterfly

The butterfly painting was hotly bid on through out the entire one hour benefit auction.


Suffice to say it went very well and we brought in just under $300 for the charity, unfortunately my daughter got sick Saturday evening and she was unable to come to her art show.  I’m glad that she’ll at least be able to present the check to the representative though as that is sort of the end result of the whole thing and she’s one step closer to earning her level award in May.  I’m so blessed that we have such a great organization to be a part of that instills a love of God, family and community in our girls and where they can learn and grow.


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