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Crew Review: Egglo Entertainment #grow4christ #hsreviews

on March 15, 2014

Every year around Easter or Resurrection Sunday I wonder if there is a better way to really instill the meaning and history of what the Resurrection is to my children without all the usual secular stuff, so when Egglo Entertainment came up for review I knew I had to get this product to try out with my children.  Egglo Entertainment has glow in the dark Easter eggs that are perfect for egg hunts with a Christian emphasis, unlike just dying eggs and seeking for them, to complete the Egglo Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs I was also given The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book, The Audio Adventure book, Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls, and The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure program guide.  The set of 12  glow in the dark eggs come in four colors, blue, yellow, green and pink and can come with a cross or without – depending on your preference – the cross is a great addition to the eggs – the egg set is $11.99.

Some may ask why glow in the dark eggs?  That is simple, as Christians we believe that Jesus is the light of the world and Egglo Entertainment uses John 1:5 as their basis for making glow in the dark eggs that tell of Jesus being the light of the world.  Isn’t that a great way to connect the Easter story with a fun egg hunt?  The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure book, for $12.99,  is a great addition and really is a fun read – it’s colorful and well illustrated, however it is long so we were not able to read it in one sitting, preferring to spread it out over a couple of readings due to some of my children’s short attention spans and that is where the audio version comes in handy.  The audio book version is $2.99 so it’s also economical if you need to save some money or if you just don’t want to read out loud.  If you’re traveling or can’t read aloud right away just play the audio version and listen along – the recording is well done and my children enjoyed listening to both the audio version as well as me reading aloud from the book.

The product is geared for ages 4 to 13 years old but can be adapted for children who may be a bit younger or a bit older than that range, but of course, like my 12 year old she thinks she is ‘too old’ for egg hunts so it depends on the child and the environment.  I will say I regret not taking pictures of my children with their Egglo eggs – and I’ll have to do an updated post with them hunting them in our new house!  I and my children really enjoyed the Scripture scrolls as well – there are 12 in a pack and sell for $4.29 a pack and have verses based on the following Scriptures:  1 Corinthians 15:3-4, Deuteronomy 6:5, proverbs 3:5-6, Matthew 5:16 and 28:20, John 1:4, 1:5, 3:16, 8:12 and 12:46 – and they fit perfectly inside the Egglo glow in the dark eggs making a great connection between God’s Word and the egg hunt.

The program guide is a great tool to have on hand if your planning an event for Easter at your church and want to get the children really engaged in the what the Word says about Jesus’ resurrection.  The program guide is $14.99 and I can definitely see it being a benefit for churches, youth groups or even homeschool co-ops however for our immediate family I didn’t use a lot of the ideas as my children just enjoyed the glow in the dark and scroll aspect with the hunt versus a formal activity – as many of the ideas are geared towards a group activity.  The program guide covers many aspects of a group, fun-filled Easter egg hunt such as snack ideas, decorations, devotional, Bible application activity, Egglo hunt guidelines and more including coloring sheets and invitations.

I’m looking forward to using these a lot more with my children, since they charge quickly and stay charged for a long period – I think with charging mine in natural sun light ours stayed charged for around 2 hours, more than enough time for an egg hunt.  Since Easter is coming up soon we’ll be using these again and of course, my children will find other ideas for these too as time goes on and there are more ideas on the Egglo Entertainment Pinterest boards if you need some inspiration.  Also follow along with Egglo Entertainment by checking out their Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ for updates and more ideas on using these and other products for your Easter celebrations.  Also be sure to check out what other parents thought about Egglo Entertainment by visiting the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.

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