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Edify Media: Let God DVD #grow4christ #review

on March 30, 2014

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Press release about the movie:

Nashville, TN – (January 15, 2014) –Word Films is set to release Breckenridge Film Festival’s 2013 “Best Feature” and “Best Actress” winner “Let God” on DVD on February 25. The faith-based film follows the story of young housewife, Amelia, who heads west with her husband during the 19th century gold rush and is left alone without resources in the harsh wilderness when her husband is killed in a savage attack. Battling winter, hunger and the unknown, Amelia must take life into her own hands as she struggles with a loss of faith and battles for her survival.

“There’s a gap between ritual and faith, and we explore that,” said “Let God” writer/director/producer William Parker. “The character of Amelia is very ritual oriented – she goes to church, she read the Bible…but through the movie she kind of gives up on it. Amelia struggles with loss of faith, feeling she’s been abandoned by God and is completely on her own.” “In the end, she realizes that not only does she actually find her faith, she actually really believes, genuinely, ‘This is what I was looking for,’” adds Jasmin Jandreau who plays Amelia. “She realizes, through another connection in the film that comes along, that God was with her the whole time, and God was communicating with her the whole time.”

In addition to winning both “Best Feature” and “Best Actress” honors at the 2013 Breckenridge Film Festival, “Let God” was also an official selection at the 2013 Gideon Film Festival and has earned the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for any age. “This is a terrific Story!” said the Dove Foundation. “The writer/director and leading actress Jasmine Jandreau, as Amelia, somehow manage to make this story of survival a powerful movie about trials and a faith that overcomes all odds…You will enjoy watching this one. Don’t miss it!”

For further information about the 91-minute DVD “Let God” and to view the trailer please visit

About Word Entertainment: A leader in the music industry for over 60 years, Word Entertainment, a Warner/Curb company, is a unique, comprehensive entertainment company comprised of multi-faceted artist service departments including publishing, merchandising, booking, and online initiatives. Word Entertainment represents some of the top names and brands in music, including Meredith Andrews, Chris August, Francesca Battistelli, Big Daddy Weave, Jason Castro, Patrick Ryan Clark, Everfound, for KING & COUNTRY, Group 1 Crew, Love & The Outcome, Dara Maclean, NEEDTOBREATHE, Point Of Grace, Sidewalk Prophets, Skillet, Switchfoot and We As Human and is home to 25 Entertainment, Word Distribution (representing Curb Records and Big Idea/VeggieTales among others), Word Music Publications & Church Resources, Word Films, Word Music Publishing and Word Label Group’s Word Records, Word Worship and Fervent Records.


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My Opinion:


Have you ever asked God for a sign and then walk right by it or ignore it only to have Him time and again show you that sign?  I wasn’t sure what to think about the movie Let God – there is very little talking or dialogue in the movie as it starts with showing Amelia, alone, having just buried her husband trying to figure out what to do and where to go in the wilderness.  Not only does she fear wild animals and the Native American tribes who are violent toward settlers she also has to battle her own demons – she didn’t want to go West.  There are flash backs we get of her remembering her husband when he first told her they would go West in search of gold, then when they left the wagon train and again when it shows her leaving her house as she glimpses the curtains she more than likely made herself left hanging in the window – until she finds (or did he find her?) a small Indian boy that she talks to.


Despite the lack of talking in the movie, the actress Jasmin Jandreau, portrays the fear, the grief, the loss and ultimately the hope in letting God take care of us.  Towards the end of the movie, after having seen several dead people, she creates a rough cross leans it against a tree, tells the picture of her husband she’ll see him soon and lays down in the hopes that she to will die so she can leave all the hurt behind.  She wakes the next morning.  The Indian boy is still with her, having created his own cross.  Only the Lord knows how they survived sleeping in the open with no fire or way to keep warm.  She determines to go on.  I think the lack of talking in the movie showed more than having words could have – the lack of talking made me think of how often times the quietude can lead us to do things we normally wouldn’t or think of us being stronger than we are – and it also showed the loneliness of Amelia.  My husband watched the last half with me and even he was telling me that he needs to watch it from the beginning, he really liked it.  I will say while the ending was meant to surprise it didn’t do that to me – if you’ve encountered an angel it won’t surprise you either but I do recommend this movie – I even let my 7, 9 and 12 year old children watch it with me.






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