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Crew Review: Media Talk 101 – Captivated DVD #grow4christ #hsreviews

on April 3, 2014


Captivated.  What captivates you?  Your children?  Is it the newest video game?  The newest, colorful and lyrical animated movie? Or that new song or T.V. show?   I had a hard time with this product I was given to review, it’s a DVD titled Captivated put out by Media Talk 101 – it wasn’t because it wasn’t great but because it was and it hit home!  I can almost lay money on the fact that if we look around our houses we will be surprised by the amount of screens in our home – whether they be T.V., laptops, desktop computers, tablets, game consoles, and the list goes on.  In my house we have 2 Nintendo DS, 2 Kindle Fires, 2 Kindle readers, an iPod, and on and on – yes we have a lot of screen time and so when I mentioned I had a hard time with this it was because it was so convicting.


The movie takes you through 5 stages (at least that is what I’ll refer to them as) which are consumption (53 hours per week is the amount of time most children watch television for!), content, captivity, battleground and freedom.  Through out each of these stages various men and women are interviewed and give their opinions and statistics revealing a startling look at media consumption – and it’s not all aimed at our children.  Have you or even your spouse been in the middle of a show only to have a child say “mom” or “dad” and you get upset?  Maybe it’s time to look at what media is doing to you and to your family.  One item of note that kept popping up is that so many Christians report that they can handle the bad stuff, that it doesn’t affect them.  Wrong.  We may want to believe it doesn’t affect us but if you open your eyes and let God show you, I can almost guarantee you’ll be surprised.



There was much talk of a media fast, and several of the ‘real life’ interviews – interviews with people who had some form of addiction to some form of media whether it was music, or Farmville, or even Facebook – hit home.  I don’t know how I’d do a media fast since we use a lot of our electronic gadgets to do school – math is done on the computer, we use Netflix for documentaries, our Fire and e-readers for books, and on goes the list.  I enjoyed the candid look into their lives, a couple were young ladies, another was a young man with a new wife and young child, a large family whose husband led them, and older lady who was addicted to her computer farm.  I could see myself in a little bit of each of them, I used to have to constantly check my bakery and my farm until my oldest started teasing me – I quit.  The Captivated DVD documentary sells for $16,95 and free shipping but there is also a quantity discount if you need more DVDs to pass out or to give as gifts.


I would have liked it if my whole family could have watched this with me, especially my 12 year old and my husband but I was the only one who seemed interested although I’m still going to try to get him to watch it at some point.  While it’s geared towards adults it has been approved for all ages and I had no problem with even my 7 year old son watching it – there were a couple mentions of sex (in relation to what is shown in media) but it wasn’t drawn out or explained so my youngest didn’t catch it and my older ones and I can discuss it.   With great male leaders such as Ray Comfort, Kerby Anderson, Dr. Jeff Myers, Maggie Jackson and more it was great to hear from several different points of view that all had one thing to say – our media consumption should be used to glorify God and one man said (I should have taken more copious notes) noted that it isn’t to be legalistic or to become legalistic but to give honor to the One who created us – the Lord!  I can already think of many people who I will be recommending this DVD too – and I’d love to see churches share the message that is contained – it’s time we as Christians in a day where there is so many ungodly influences take a stand and use the media to glorify God rather than demean Him.


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