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History Comes Alive #fieldtrip #grow4christ

on April 16, 2014

One of my favorite areas to teach my children is history – I love history – some periods more than others but I love it especially when I can make it come alive for them.  We can read about it in our books, watch movies about a time period, and do all sorts of things but unless you immerse yourself and get your hands into it then you really can’t experience it.  When a local park (that we visit quite often) held their homeschool day today I jumped on it.  We were transported back into 1896 for some real hands on history learning:

  • candle dipping – yes they really got to dip candles and even took one home.  It takes almost 70 dips to make one candle that will only burn for 30 minutes!
  • a one room school house visit – complete with McGuffey readers and pen and ink writing
  • musket firing demonstrations (I so wanted to try it but knew that would be a no-no)
  • hearth cooking demonstrations
  • there was also balloon demonstrations but we didn’t get to see that as we were wiped out after the other going ons
  • and there was supposed to be a canal presentation but we couldn’t figure out where that was but it may have been cancelled due to the snow and freezing temps.

My son helping to churn butter.


My 9 year old daughter taking her turn at churning butter.


Demonstrating a musket rifle. My son was quite taken with this and would have stayed here all day.


My son using a pen and ink to write on his book – which is printed in the print shop on various printing presses.


My 9 year old having completed her pen and ink writing.


The only picture I was able to get of my photo-phobic oldest daughter.


I have some pictures of them dipping candles but there are too many other children who I don’t know and don’t want to publish their pictures and cropping it is out of the question – so those will have to do.  The woman in my header pic is holding a huge chunk of beeswax which is what they melt to make candles – taper candles cannot be made in molds or they’ll stick.  The molds were expensive as is the elderberry wax used to make the tapered, molded candles so most used dipped beeswax candles.  We all agreed it was a fun day – and of course I got my fill of history for this week.


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