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Crew Review: Home School Adventure, Co. #hsreviews #grow4christ

on April 24, 2014


What if there were a curricula that put Christ at the head, the sole purpose of it being to teach our children about Him and how to love Him?  Yes, it’s a big feat and one that not many can accomplish, however I’d like to introduce you to Home School Adventure, Co.  I was given a the electronic download copy of The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions, The Wise Woman is written by George MacDonald and the literary analysis questions were written by Stacy Farrell.  Never fear, just because the title has woman in it doesn’t mean it’s just for women – boys can also learn a lot from this book (also available as a spiral bound book) – both boys and girls need to learn lessons about why conceit, selfishness, and pride are sin and how humility, sacrifice and compassion are beautiful – even if the world we live in values the latter and despises the beautiful.  My electronic copy ran 166 pages and covers a dedication, introduction, 14 chapters, vocabulary as well as more about the author, Stacy Farrell and ordering information.


After each chapter follows 16 to 24 questions that are used to dig deeper into this story that strives to bring about character training in an engaging way that honors the Lord.  If used as a family read aloud it is geared towards ages 9 to 11, ages 12 and up can use it alongside their parents and high-school students can complete it on their own.  I preferred to use this with my three children as a read aloud and mine are aged 7, 9 and 12 and then I would ask a few questions about the chapter, we didn’t go over every single question.  I read ahead and got a feel for each chapter and then picked the questions that I thought would be good for the ages of my children – I tried to keep some easy, some hard and others in the middle – I wanted them to think about the questions and what we just read.  I would like to have my oldest re-read this on her own and have answer the harder questions, in my opinion the first few questions are fairly easy while the ones toward the end were a bit harder.



It would be easy to give an older child this book to read, telling them which chapters to read each day and have them answer all or some of the questions – or for those who don’t like to write or who it may take more time for them to form their idea being asked let them take a day or two to answer the questions.  There are many ways to use this book – depending on each families situation – while some may prefer our method to answering the questions out loud and discussing and expounding on the answers others may prefer to have their children write out or dictate their answers.  The story is engaging, not only for children but also for adults – even I learned things from reading this book and going over the questions with my children.  By visiting The Wise Woman product page you can view sample pages, watch a video and even read what others have thought about when they’ve used it.


The electronic format that I received is available for $14.95 and as I said above there is also a spiral bound version that is available for $28.95 – of course in my opinion the value of this far surpasses any monetary investment as the lessons learned will be far reaching.  There is a discount code located at the bottom of my review where you can save 10% off a download purchase from Home School Adventure, Co.  I know I will be using this again as the children get older and we need more reinforcement about acceptable behaviors both in our home and towards others, especially the heart of issue of serving others and laying aside our selfish desires in order to bring glory to the Lord.  Home School Adventure, Co is also on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram if you’d like to follow along with them.   If you’d like to see what other homeschool parents thought about this product and others from Home School Adventure, Co please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.



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