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BookLook Review: Daughters in Danger by Elayne Bennett, M.Ed. #grow4christ

on May 2, 2014

About the Book:

Respected family advocate Elayne Bennett brings hope and encouragement to families and shows the way to save our daughters from the many threats they face.

Many girls today are caught up in a world that devalues them and prioritizes perceived needs and desires, in ways that will break their very hearts. Much of our culture undermines girls and damages their souls.

Elayne Bennett has worked tirelessly in urban, suburban, and rural environments to bring hope and guidance to the lives of girls. In Daughters in Danger she reveals:

How American families can rescue daughters from the negative and destructive patterns of our culture
Why progressive feminism is the wrong answer and an inadequate solution
How mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends, schools, colleges and universities can be involved in saving our daughters
The success of the Best Friends and Best Men program models

We all—especially families—bear the responsibility for encouraging and supporting, training and directing, loving and cherishing daughters everywhere. This book is an inspiring call to take action for their sakes.


You can purchase a copy on Amazon or wherever books are sold.


My Opinion:


Are our daughters really in danger?  Before I read this book, I would have said yes and after reading my opinion has not only stayed the same but is even more emphatic.  Elayne Bennett, started a program called Best Friends in which girls  learn how to succeed through self-control – geared towards girls who are at risk to become sexually active, use drugs, alcohol and other at-risk behaviors.  While this book is geared toward those who work with and are involved with girls who are in regular schools, this book can and will serve as a wake up call for all of us who have daughters or who work with young girls.  The humanistic, feministic culture we live in today perpetuates the assumption that it’s all about pleasure and that there is no difference between males and females and so that is where the risks begin.  Elayne details events that have been in the news in recent years such as the Halloway girl who went to Aruba and never returned as well as college campus violence against women – because our boys are no longer taught to defend women because we don’t want to be protected.


Some may have bad things to say about this book, but honestly, if you’re a Conservative Christian with a Biblical worldview you’ll find this book to have many valid points on the state of our girls in this country.  I’ve encountered those who think that because we homeschool I have some warped sense that my girls (and my son) will never experience the pressure to have sex before marriage, to drink and so on – we may have to be more on guard than those parents whose children are in public school.  As a leader in a girls’ youth organization (which Elayne mentions in her book.  Thank you Elayne!) I’m well aware of the challenges these girls face, even if mine aren’t in school, they too are exposed from their peers who are in school – and some of these girls who have so much potential also have the potential to fall in the trap that I and many other women have fallen into over the years.


This book isn’t all doom and gloom though – it’s very much about hope, hope that our daughters can and will rise above the filth that surrounds them and become women of integrity.  That said, Elayne’s program, Best Friends, is not Christian in it’s teachings due to the fact that it is held during the school day in public school however it’s success rates speak for themselves and shows that Christ can and will show and work through anything – even a program that can’t mention His name!  This book though is written from a conservative, Christian viewpoint so if you aren’t looking at it through that lens some of what Elayne says and even the way she writes at times may come across as too hard hitting – but to me she hit the nail on the head and best of all gives hope for those girls who may get caught in the trap that the only thing they have going for themselves is their body.



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