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It’s been a busy week….. #grow4christ

on May 2, 2014

Normally I try to have a cute eye-catching image for my post but with the week I’ve had, which has been both busy and mind-numbing – I’m doing good just to write a little something in order to fulfill my one non-sponsored post a week 🙂 so I can’t really share what has been going on.  If you think about my family just keep us in your prayers – God knows the need and that is enough right now.  Anyhoo…….most of the posts that have gone up the last couple of days have been scheduled, thankfully because I’m not sure if I could have actually written a coherent post until today.


My husband got me and the children out of the house one day and we went to Chic-fil-A for dinner – we go through the drive thru and park either in the lot or in an area across from the lot because it’s usually too busy inside to enjoy ourselves.  We had a little visitor who made it known he wanted some los papas fritas (if you’ve seen Courageous you’ll know what I mean).




Isn’t he just cute…..


He was ‘talking’ to us the whole time


My son bought some face painting stuff and had his sister who is our resident artist draw a fish on his hand.  I think it turned out really neat looking and now I need to follow through on my promise to let my son draw a cat on me.




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  1. Laraba Kendig says:

    I am praying for your family.

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