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Curricula choices for next year, the year after, and….. #grow4christ

on May 14, 2014


We have been blessed yet again – in the midst of the chaos that has been life for the last several weeks there has been a blessing.  Hubby told me we had been gifted with some funds that would allow me to purchase curricula for not just one year but several – anything educational.  The children were thrilled let me tell you!  It’s hard to know what to pick for your 2nd grader when you’re looking two or more years down the road.  I found some things at convention I wanted but had to wait till I got home to order them and thankfully most companies let me take part of their free shipping convention discount when I explained the situation.


A model of a torso – my son enjoys anatomy.


This came with our Zoob Challenge – it’s a logic, engineering, thing and you have to build things and complete challenges.


For my middle daughter, Essentials in Writing, for her 5th and 6th ‘grade’ years.


Oldest daughter’s writing for this coming year, Cover Story. I’m waiting on our One Year Adventure Novel (for 2015) and Other Worlds.


Our art – See the Light – great art curricula and one even counts as a full high school credit!


Math! All years of Teaching Textbooks except for Grade 7 and pre-calculus – this is the one they were really excited about 😀


Like the Zoob challenge I’ve ordered some fun educational items as well, but couldn’t take pictures of everything!  My oldest also picked out her new science, we are switching to The Wonders of Creation series put out by New Leaf Publishing/Master Books for her, all of which will count as high school credit.  I need to figure out how to do that since she’s technically only going to be in 8th grade – can I count high school credits now?


Our Kapla blocks – one of the things I saw at convention – these are plain, pine blocks in a rolling cart which provide several educational opportunities. We have 1,100 of them (I bought a set of colored blocks as well).


I’m so overwhelmed by this blessing – usually we rely on used goods or the reviews I receive but now I can say that the children actually had a say in picking what they learn the next couple of years, which hopefully will make our learning more enjoyable.


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  1. Laraba says:

    The Zoobs look particularly awesome in an educational way. SO glad you were able to get some spot on curricula for the children!

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