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Kregel Tour: Casting the Net (The Dunbridge Chronicles #2) by Pam Rhodes #grow4christ #bookreview

on May 14, 2014

About the Book:

Heartwarming English comedy of manners, featuring the trials and tribulations of newly ordained minister, Neil Fisher

In part two of the Dunbridge Chronicles, Neil Fisher returns from ordination inspired by his sense of ministry, but determined to distance himself from the two ladies in his life. This is not altogether well received, and a wide segment of the congregation of St Stephen’s, Dunbridge—including the music group—points Neil to the error of his ways.

Meanwhile Neil’s close friend Colin and his wife, Jeannie, are delighted by the birth of a daughter, but is all well with the baby? Neil’s mother Iris continues to meddle, to his irritation. Churchwarden Peter has said a relieved farewell to his flighty wife Glenda—or has he? Dunbridge is not as peaceful as it seems.



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My Opinion:


I really enjoyed the first book in The Dunbridge Chronicles, Fisher of Men, so I was thinking I would like this one just as much as I did the first but unfortunately for me this one didn’t pull me in as the first one did.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed visiting Dunbridge again and getting to visit with Neil, Margaret and all the other town citizens – it was like visiting with old friends but there were so many crisis among the people and since I was have my own family crisis it was hard for me to really see past all the character’s messes.  I love the way Pam Rhodes writes as it’s friendly and down to earth and I love the British terms for such things as mundane as a parking lot, so all that was great and very enjoyable but as I said it was probably stemming more from my own crisis than anything really wrong with the book.


I must say the real issue I had was the attitude toward divorce and remarriage – even though the divorce was precipitated by an affair but when the wife tries to come back she is advised to just leave her husband so he can marry the woman he loves and there also seems to be no batting of the eye in regards to a couple who begin living together and then become pregnant.  I’m all for the whole love the sinner but hate the sin but it seemed like things are quite liberal even within Dunbridge’s church and their young curate doesn’t know how to really get his hands dirty (but then again he is engaged to a non-Believer).  Overall though the book was a delightful read and I was so happy to read that Neil and his mom had made repairs in their relationship and I hope that in book 3 Margaret can come to a peace about her faith struggles after he husband suddenly passes away.  I honestly do look forward to reading the next book in the series.



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