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Kregel Tour: Candle Bible Handbook by Terry Jean Day and Carol J. Smith @KregelBooks #grow4christ #bookreview

on May 19, 2014

About the book:


Travel through Bible history with this comprehensible exploration of the Bible, following the key narratives from Genesis to Revelation. Perfect as a child’s first Bible reference, he will travel through Bible lands and times and discover how the people lived: the foods they ate, the homes they occupied, the clothes they wore, and the work they performed. There are sections of study questions throughout to further learning, as well as glossaries and FAQs to help understanding.


You can purchase your own copy at Kregel’s website or other places where books are sold.




My Opinion:


I’m always on the look out for a great resource that we can use both in our home and in our homeschool to learn more about the Bible I jump on it and that was what happened when the Candle Bible Handbook was up for review.  It is a 256 page soft cover book geared towards ages 8 to 12 to learn more about the books that make up God’s Holy Word and while it may be written for a certain age range, I learned a lot and I can see it also being a help to a younger child if they are being read from it.  The book begins by giving you  ideas in how to use this resource, how the Bible is organized (the Apocrypha is mentioned but is not included as the Scriptural books), and a brief synopsis of the Old Testament and the New Testament – serving as a breaking point in dividing the book up.  Each book has a brief introduction of what that book covers, frequently asked questions, outline (what subjects/people are covered in different parts of that book), key events, things to look out for as you read that book and study questions.  Also throughout are full colored pictures of either paintings done or actual pictures of real artifacts relating to the Book and the events covered therein.  Maps also provide a great way to ‘travel’ along with those who have gone before and some of my favorite pages are those two page spreads like “Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus” which shows an arial view of what Jerusalem would have looked like at the time that Jesus was a human man on earth.


At the end are some other supplemental areas such as big ideas in the Bible which gives definitions of certain terms such as ascension, forgive, baptism and more -then there are the promises in the Bible, fifty important Scriptures, who’s who in the Bible divided into OT and NT, and an index.  As I said above, this is a wonderful resource to have on hand either for individual study or to use during a family Bible time to delve deeper into God’s Word.  The pages are thick and sturdy and will hold up to years of use and I could even see note taking as a possibility as well in the margins.  Overall, this is a wonderful and I could see Christians in various Christian denominations being able to make great use of this Bible resource – I didn’t find any compromising information that would lead me to think otherwise – Jesus is presented as the only way to Heaven, age of the earth isn’t discussed only that Genesis is true and it’s written from a historical perspective instead of the author’s opinions, which is another point that scores for me.  I know my family and I will be using this for many more years to come as we seek the Lord’s will for our lives and understanding His Word one of the first steps in doing that.



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