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Bethany House Review: Silenced (Book 4 in the Alaskan Courage series) by Dani Pettrey #grow4christ #bookreview

on May 30, 2014

About the Book:

Jake Knew Something Was Wrong.
But He Never Guessed How Wrong.

A relaxing day of rock climbing takes a disturbing turn when Kayden McKenna’s route brings her face-to-face with a dead climber. Is it a terrible accident or something darker? When the case is handed to overburdened sheriff Landon Grainger, he turns to Jake Westin for help. With Jake’s past now revealed, he’s ready to use his talent for investigation again–but he could never prepare for where the mystery will take him.

Kayden’s climbing expertise soon leads her and Jake to the realization that the death was no accident. And worse, it seems the killer is onto them. When strange things begin happening in Yancey, Jake is terrified that once again his world may put someone he loves in danger. But the truth is far worse than he could ever imagine.


You can purchase a copy at Baker Publishing Group.


My Opinion:

Talk about reading books out of order, I’ve yet to read book one in this series but I’ve read book two, Shattered and book three, Stranded and now book four – and what a thrilling read!  I’m really going to have to get book 1 and read it but even with not reading that one this whole series could really stand alone although there is some mentions of activities that happened in the 3rd book but it isn’t absolutely necessary to read them all in order as Dani gives the reader a little information so your caught up but not too much information that will bore the reader who has read all the books.  I was hooked on this one from the first page – even though I don’t quite get the fascination of extreme sports or why someone would want to climb a mountain – this book just sweeps you up and makes you feel as if you can feel the clean air as you climb the side of the mountain and the fear of finding a dead body when you reach your destination.  The poor McKenna family just doesn’t seem to be able to avoid crime and death even on the eve of a wedding there is murder afoot and the McKenna family with the aid of friends set out to find out who did it.


I could have probably gone without all the ogling Kayden and Jake do over each other – there were a couple of times that Kayden was admiring Jake’s physique and vice versa – and while there is romance in the story I could have done without all of that.  Even with that being said I still thoroughly enjoyed the entire book but I won’t be handing it to my oldest daughter to read anytime soon.  I’m really hoping that there will be a fifth book in the series – I’d love to see all the McKenna children get married and of course hunt down those bad guys that need caught – who knew there were so many murderers and criminals in Alaska?  If you enjoy a good, clean mystery/suspense story then this is definitely one to add to your summer reading list, or if you want a romance you’ll find that too along with a good dose of faith and belief in the God who cares for each of us.  Whether you buy it or whether you get it at your library grab a copy and I think that you’ll enjoy Dani Pettrey’s characters as much as I have come to enjoy them.



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