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Living History Field Trip #grow4christ

on May 30, 2014


I wanted to do some fun stuff with the children after the few long weeks we had so I set up a field trip to a nearby living history working farm, usually we just go as a family but I thought it’d be fun to do a field trip with other homeschool families.  So on May 16 we set out – as you can see it was cold that morning (we usually don’t need hoodies or jackets that late into May) and it was drizzling, however it was still fun.  We had to set out and find treasure chests filled with some hands on items and a card that each child took a turn reading to find out about those items.  Only 1 wasn’t found, not sure if it just wasn’t put out or what but no one in our group could find it.


All three of my children, the oldest is reading about the outdoor oven where bread was baked. Little did we know it was real bread and I picked it up and there was mold! Yuck.


My middle daughter reading at the smoke house – where the family would dry their meat to preserve it.


Getting ready to open another chest at the farm house (unfortunately the homemaker wasn’t home so we couldn’t go in)


Trying out one of the games at the farmhouse’s treasure chest.


My son getting the treasure chest down from the outdoor oven.


We then stopped at the country store where the children picked out some penny candy and then we headed back to the car to eat our lunch because we were cold and hungry and set off for home.  We’ve had some big weather shifts so far this spring.  You can learn more about Carriage Hill Farm and what it has to offer by visiting the website.


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