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Crew Review: Kinder Cottage Publishing #grow4christ #hsreviews

on June 5, 2014

Kinder Cottage Review


Great literature, Christian faith, family industry – you’ll get all this and more with Kinder Cottage Publishing – a publishing company ran by Howard and his wife, Ann when they had a desire to “ensure that our children grow up with a love of western civilization (literature, history, culture and Christian faith).  Our goal is to create and offer products that help parents educate their young children.”  I was sent a copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Peter Rabbit at the Farm to review and I must say that these books are quality hard covers and I was surprised by the affordability – only $4.00 a piece for the Peter Rabbit series or $30.00 for the set of 10!  I read these a loud to my son, intending for just he and I to enjoy them as the age range is 3 to 9 years old, however my two daughters soon joined us and also enjoyed as I read these a loud to all three of them.


Kinder Cottage Review


These are reprints of the Henry Altemus Company versions which were published in 1917, the illustrations are full colored and are preserved in these hardcover books and the text is updated but still quite true to the original text.  One page has the larger print sized text, great for those who are beginning to read, and the other page has the full color illustration lending a beautiful whimsical and bygone feeling to the whole book.  These books look very nice on a bookshelf in a child’s room or in a nursery and as I found out are great for lulling a boy who is fighting to sleep off to la-la land.

Kinder Cottage Review


The Tale of Peter Rabbit introduces us to the little rabbit, Peter and his antics through Mr. McGregor’s garden and his run in with the gooseberry net and the fitting punishment meted out by Mother when he returns home without his coat or shoes.  In Peter Rabbit at the Farm, Peter runs into some other animals like Goosie Poosie, Pollie Possum, Thomas, the stable cat and others although there isn’t much in the way of a punishment as he’s fast asleep by the end and doesn’t hear Mother’s admonishment.  These cute books measure 5 by 7 inches and can fit easily in a purse or tote for reading on the go and at only 64 pages in length make for an ideal book to read while waiting when little ones become antsy.
Kinder Cottage Review


I’m so glad to have had the chance to read these books to my children and share my thoughts with you, as I said I mainly used them to read a loud to all the children and my oldest did read them again to her brother – so they have gotten a lot of use.  I enjoy the simplicity and the old fashioned feeling of both the pictures and text – while dated, most of us don’t use the term fortnight anymore, it was easy to read and answer questions when they came up.  I would love to see the other books in the series be re-published as well one of these days and pass the whole set on to any grandchildren that might come along.  Kinder Cottage also offers abridged versions of some of The Wizard of Oz series and a few other books and items that might interest children up to age 10.  If you’d like to see what other homeschool parents thought about Kinder Cottage, these two titles and others please visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.
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