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Year End Dance Concert – Rejoice! 2014 #grow4christ

on June 6, 2014



I’ve written before about the great dance studio we’ve been a part of since 2011 or maybe 2010 (the years are running together!)  it is a Christian studio with emphasis put on worshiping and praising our Creator.  I was so happy when we started going to this studio – we came from a ‘secular’ studio where there was bullying and rarely were my girls ever moved up in classes despite being their for years and seeing their peers move up that hadn’t been there that long.  We needed something that fit our lives and our beliefs and thankfully we started going to Fueled and Aflame dance studio – where the classes are small (and no, there aren’t just homeschoolers – so the girls are getting ‘socialized’ 😀 ) the teachers genuinely care for and want the girls (and boys) to succeed in their classes and ultimately Jesus is King.


Bethanne stayed in Christian Worship Dance I (CWDI) this year and Hannah was in CWDII – the names are being changed next year.  Come July the girls are trying out for the brand new Junior Dance Company, Illuminate.  Which is going to be a HUGE commitment in many ways but I’m so excited for them to try out and hopefully, if the Lord wills it, be accepted to helping spread the Gospel through dance and music.  My son is hoping there will be a class for him to be in come fall as he really wants to do dance as well as pursue his martial arts.  We’ve been blessed to have great Christian teachers in both the dance studio and my son’s dojo.


My girls – before the concert began and after I re-fixed Bethanne’s hair that never wants to stay in a bun!


I couldn’t get her to smile so one of her fellow dancers stood behind me to get her to smile.


Bethanne who loves to pose. I just love the beautiful, modest costumes they wear.


A group shot of CWDII – silly girls! This was fun for me to see as she is usually so serious, love to see her having fun.  Photo from Open Door Originals.


A group shot of CWDI – beautiful pose! Photo taken by Open Door Originals.


There is something about ballet shoes and I just liked this shot, my daughter’s are in it. Photo by Open Door Originals.


Group shot of CWDII showing off their costumes. They each had a ribbon in their hair to match the ones they are holding. Beautiful! Photo taken by Open Door Originals.


I have many more pictures but the ones I took aren’t the most professional so I won’t bore you.  I will update with the results of the try outs for Illuminate once we know the outcome.  The girls are gearing up for their summer dance classes which is a 6 week class once a week, held on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the class and they begin next week so I have a couple of VERY excited girls to kept calm during the weekend.


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