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A trip to a working mill……. #grow4christ #fieldtrip

on June 9, 2014



We recently had a field trip to a working mill located in a small village near us – Clifton Mill – which also has a beautiful Christmas light display, albeit a tad on the expensive side.  This was also a field trip that I didn’t have to plan, so I was able to just sit back and enjoy it without having to worry about checking to make sure everyone showed up – I like those field trips!  This was also right up my alley as it’s historical, be sure to read about the history of the Mill by following that link above, and I love history!  There is also a restaurant which sells great buffalo burgers and gingerbread (and it’s not Mickey D’s) and thankfully we had great weather for it, not too hot and not too cold so we were able to enjoy the outdoor grounds – but I do admit I was shocked when I tried to purchase 4 postcards and the total came to more than $6 – I was then told it’s $2 per card!  What?  LOL I bought one and we’ll share it.


A side shot of the mill, that water wheel isn’t a working one – but it’s beautiful anyway.


Some of the equipment once used to grind and process the grain.


This machine pulled all the belts that work the mill.


Feed sacks – the one in the middle would be made into dresses for girls, complete with directions and the one on the left would be made into towels. Oh to have our products be this resourceful again.


My son looking over the fence into the gorge below.


The gorge and part of the beautiful water fall.


Group shot!


A cabin owned by a local family who worked at the distillery – it was quite a productive business and employed many until it was shut down during Prohibition.


Another group shot in front of the covered bridge.


There are many historical buildings in this village, some are still in use such as the Opera House and The Clifton Union School and others aren’t 😦


This used to be the black smith shop.


Earlier in the month before the Mill field trip, we took a trip to a children’s science museum, known as C.O.S.I (Center of Science and Industry) which was packed – I think there were over 300 school students, which did not make it enjoyable or conducive to being able to see displays so we left but not before we visited Progress:


Son and daughter taking in a game of hula-hoop in front of the post office.


Sorry it’s so dark, my son playing a game of hoop and stick in the 1800’s street. He was actually quite good.


My oldest doesn’t like to get her picture taken so there were none of her, although I’ll try to get some when we go through the Sherlock exhibit at a later date, if the museum will let me.  After we left early I tried calling the Art Museum and also the State History Museum but they also had several school groups, so we decided to grab an early lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse and go home.




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2 responses to “A trip to a working mill……. #grow4christ #fieldtrip

  1. Micki says:

    Oh, how I miss you guys so much! I really hope you can come experience the history in my neck of the woods where there is Antietam Battlefield (the bloodiest single day in American military History), Harpers Ferry (lots of history and awesome I might add-remind me to show you the pics I took), the historic town of Shepherdstown where George Washington called for “Virginia Volunteer Riflemen” and much more going into Washington County, MD and further South to Frederick County, VA and let’s not forget DC which is less than 2 hours away. In addition, Lancaster County, PA home of the second largest, but oldest, Amish Community in North America – we must eat at Katie’s Kitchen. Very delicious food (this restaurant is mentioned in some Amish books)!

    • ohiosarah says:

      We miss you too (((sending you hugs))) We will have to see how much more driving we’re up for once we arrive. Don doesn’t like to do much driving once we arrive at our destination until it’s time to go back home LOL

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