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Kregel Tour: Edwin High King of Britain by Edoardo Albert #grow4christ @KregelBooks #bookreview

on June 21, 2014

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About the Book:

Note: This is not a specifically Christian book.

In 604 AD, Edwin, the deposed king of Northumbria, seeks refuge at the court of King Raedwald of East Anglia. But Raedwald is urged to kill his guest by Aethelfrith, Edwin’s usurper. As Edwin walks by the shore, alone and at bay, he is confronted by a mysterious figure–the missionary Paulinus–who prophesies that he will become High King of Britain. It is a turning point.

Through battles and astute political alliances Edwin rises to power, in the process marrying the Kentish princess Aethelburh. As part of the marriage contract the princess is allowed to retain her Christian faith. But, in these times, to be a king is not a recipe for a long life.

This turbulent and tormented period in British history sees the conversion of the Anglo-Saxon settlers who have forced their way on to British shores over previous centuries, arriving first to pillage, then to farm and trade–and to come to terms with the faith of the Celtic tribes they have driven out.

The dramatic story of Northumbria’s Christian kings helped give birth to England as a nation, English as a language, and the adoption of Christianity as the faith of the English.


You can purchase a copy of Edwin: High King of Britain (The Northumbrian Thrones) on Amazon or at Kregel Publications.



My Opinion:


So far, I’m only about 1/2 way through the book I’ve enjoyed reading this tale of Edwin and the exile, battles and his wedding to Aethelburh even though getting to where I am was slow – it’s does not begin at a fast clip so you must stay with it if you want to get to the good parts of the book.  However, since my review was due by Friday and today is Saturday I’m writing the review based on what I’ve read so far and as you see from the book description I’ve provided above this is outside of my usual genre because it’s not a ‘Christian’ book specifically – but Christianity does play a part in the book.  So far there has been some crude humor and a couple crude words, nothing that is ‘bad’ but words I just prefer not to use myself – so that being said I know this book isn’t for everyone – but I take in the time period which is circa 625 B.C. and since most of the characters are pagans in a pagan land their use of crude humor and other such things are somewhat to be expected.


In the front of the book is a list of characters which I’ve been using a lot – because there are a lot of characters and keeping them all straight for this busy mom is hard!  Also included is a map of the Kingdoms of Britain, c. 625 and a glossary which is also handy if you’re not familiar with the term Scop or Thegn.  The book is divided into three parts: Exile, Throne and Imperium which takes the reader through the years of Edwin’s reign both as an exiled king and then as high king of Britain.  The author has been great in re-creating the battle scenes and one can almost feel the mud, smell the horse flesh and hear the clanging of swords the description, while somewhat slowing to the overall read, make the book come alive and pulls the reader into the time period.  I’m looking forward to finishing the book and if my opinion changes I’ll update my review but at this point I don’t see that as happening.



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