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BookLook Review: The Gift of Love by Amy Clipston #grow4christ #bookreview

on June 23, 2014

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About the Book:

Bestselling author Amy Clipston overcame hardship and tragedy early in her marriage, but nothing could have prepared her for the trials she would face when her husband was diagnosed with kidney disease shortly before the birth of their first son. With nearly 100,000 people needing kidney transplants, Joe was on a long list of recipients waiting for a match.

After watching her husband suffer through transplants, a rejected kidney, and interminable dialysis, Amy took the ultimate risk in the hopes of saving her husband’s life and the life of a woman she didn’t even know. Through the John Hopkins paired donor program, Amy donated her kidney so that Joe would receive one from a matching donor.

Amy’s story is one of strength, courage, and patient endurance in the face of an uncertain future. Readers will be inspired by her resilience, encouraged by her faith, and humbled by the realization that they too are ultimately helpless without the power of God.

The Gift of Love will appeal to readers who are fans of Amy’s fiction and those who are facing health challenges of their own.


You can purchase a copy on Amazon or at  Zondervan.


My Opinion:

I’ve enjoyed reading Amy Clipston’s other books and so when I had the chance to see a bit more into one of my favorite author’s lives I knew I had to get this book and delve into it – beginning a book with your car accident is one way to grab my attention, maybe because I’ve been in two accidents one that almost ended my life, so my interest was piqued right away.  I know some of what kidney disease entails, having cared for disabled people who needed to be transported to dialysis, it’s a horrible disease but as Amy shows while it can get you down, the Lord can get you through it.  This book isn’t one to read when you’re in public and without tissues unless you want people to stare at your read eyes and sniffling nose!  There were times when I was laughing but more times than not I was crying – because I could feel some of Amy’s pain after her father’s two suicide attempts, oh can I feel her pain and then the virtual loss of her father after a medical emergency.  Her trying to hold it together for their two sons, while working, paying the mortgage and making sure she can go with her husband to his appointments.


Imagine a dream life and then a short time after your wedding entering a nightmare that you’re never sure is going to end or that it might end badly, having a husband with chronic health issues makes me commiserate with Amy all the more in her telling of her husband’s transplant, rejection and fear of not finding another kidney in time.  She remains strong, even if at times, she doesn’t feel strong or wants to be the one who can cry – I’ve been there – I’ve been the one who wanted to be the one allowed to cry, to scream, to rant but knowing that I can’t because I’m the one who must hold it together.  I was so happy to read Amy’s story, most of the time we see our favorite authors and think of them as well-off (oh they can afford their big house, big car and medical bills), we think of them as untouchable by any calamity, as being not real – not human but this book brings to the forefront not only the issue of kidney disease but also that authors are people to with real troubles and I’d say writing this book was not only cathartic for Amy but also for me, the reader, who needed it’s message.



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