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Hands-On Learning #grow4christ #fieldtrip

on June 28, 2014


The other day I took my three children and a friend of my oldest daughter to the Cincinnati Museum Center – which is three museums in one – Cincinnati History Museum, Natural History Museum and Children’s Museum.  We’ve never been able to get into the Cincinnati History one as our reciprocal passes didn’t cover it but now that we are members of this museum we were able to go in and take a look around and it was a lot of fun, including a big exhibit on WW2 that my oldest enjoyed walking through (I’m a Rev. War/Civil War time frame person she is the WW2 time frame).  So we spent the day going through all three museums and even the train tower – which was also a first and I never knew you could go up there.  My 7 year old son liked it because you could ring a bell and it was quite loud – for each ring you could get an old copy of a train magazine – he was happy to walk out with two magazines.


Two of mine standing in front of the large beaver exhibit in the natural history museum.


My oldest says I always take this picture of the Mastodon sinking in a tar pit. I told her I do not. She just rolls her eyes. So I took another.


The cars to the right of the picture is a two mile long coal train – the U.S. sends most of it’s coal to Europe and Canada instead of using the rich resource here! This is a major hub for trains and one can still even catch an Amtrak for passengers.


This is what greets you when you enter the Cincinnati History Museum. I’m not a car enthusiast but it’s beautiful.




I love old samplers like this – you don’t see this handicraft around much (I love to embroider and cross stitch when I have the time) and this one was pretty. My camera doesn’t do the colors justice.


We had a great time – on the ride back we made it ahead of the storm coming in which was great because I hate driving on freeways in severe storms but we made it back to familiar territory before it hit.  My children really enjoy this museum, as do I and there is so much more we didn’t get to see in the Cincinnati History that we’ll definitely be going back to look a the rest of what we didn’t get to see.  If you search my blog I’m sure you’ll pull up my other posts about this museum and our past visits to it.


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