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CWA Review: 9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom: Replacing my Worst with God’s Best by Sue Detweiler #grow4christ #cwareviewcrew

on July 1, 2014

About the Book:

Is it really possible to take down the super- mom facade long enough to transform the hidden places of our own hearts? Yes! But only with God’s help. In her honest, transparent and practical way, author Sue Detweiler brings the truth of God’s Word to weary moms who are looking for help.

Sue admits that she, like most moms, has moments where her own unresolved issues come to the surface. “I didn’t know I had trouble with anger until I had a toddler,” she confesses. What do we do with these imperfections?







  1. Discover how to overcome unresolved issues in your own life so that you will become a better parent
  2. Find peace with your imperfections and find peace for your mistakes
  3. Increase your confidence in God’s Power to heal your own hidden habits
  4. Identify hidden triggers that cause you to walk in the flesh rather than the spirity
  5. Respond to daily irritations of parenting without regret
  6. Gain deep joy and satisfaction as you intentionally embody the fruit of the Holy Spirit in how you parent.


About the Author:

SUE DETWEILER is an author, speaker, radio host and mom to six children. With 30 years of marriage and pastoral ministry experience in developing curriculum, leading a School of Ministry and serving as a Principal of a Homeschool Academy, Sue has been preparing to write this book her whole life.

To learn more about Sue and her writing please visit her website.

You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



The book is available at Sue’s website, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.




My Opinion:


As a mom I struggle with being what I think a good mom should be and what the Lord wants me to be, and I think other moms can relate to that feeling – we want to always be patient but in the end we end up yelling or losing our cool and then feel like failures.  In eleven short chapters Sue Detweiler takes moms through 9 traits that will help us in using God’s personality in how we relate to our children – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, the other two chapters discuss how to become a life-giving mom and also how we can give life (it’s not just about labor and delivery of a baby).  We all have issues, even if we feel that we had a perfect child hood, and we can all use help especially if that help comes from the Lord.  Each chapter begins with a poem (it’s probably not technically a poem but it’s what my mind keeps saying) that deals with that chapter’s trait and each chapter ends with a prayer for that trait – which is great if you struggle with what or how to pray.  The written prayers are available on Sue Detweiler’s website as are videos, follow her YouTube link, for each chapter – for free.  They can also be accessed using the QR code in the book if you have a QR reader – which I do not so I had to go through the website to YouTube.


Oftentimes life gets in the way of giving life and I think the chapter that spoke the most to me was chapter 3, titled “Replacing My Sadness with God’s Joy”, there has been much sadness in my life over the last few months and honestly that can make being there as a good mom, hard.  Maybe you don’t react to sadness over things maybe your more anxious about life events, or frustrated (I’ve experienced this alongside sadness too), or maybe you’ve learned to be prideful or a manipulator – if you’re ready to come to the Lord and give it all to Him – then this book is a step in the right direction – it’s not an easy book or one that will coddle you – it’s hard hitting.  You need to be at that place where you’re ready to surrender you, all of you, to the Lord and allow Him to work on you and become manifest in your life.  After the last chapter you’ll find the study guide section, what type of book would this be if you could just read it and forget it?


The study guide gives Scripture and stories from real moms, like Ann Voskamp, Sarah Mae Hoover, and others, who struggled and still do at times (none of us will be perfect and without struggles this side of Heaven) so we know we’re not alone both in the eyes of God and as members of an elite club called Motherhood.  The reflection questions are much like the chapters – hard hitting and get down to the nitty-gritty of how to be a life-giving mom.  You’ll be going back to the chapters as you work through the questions and you’ll be seeking out verses in your Bible, the best instruction manual, as you seek to be a better mom through Christ.  If you’d like to use this as part of a group there are also group discussion questions that can be used as well as the reflection questions, which can be done at home to be shared and the group discussion can have a more open and honest group chat about what was learned.  I enjoyed the overall fact that while Sue gives us examples from her life and from others that the go-to source for her is God’s Word, while we can also use examples of others, Scripture is where we need to be focused.



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