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Wigu Publishing: When I Grow Up I Want to Be….. a Firefighter #grow4christ #bookreview

on July 6, 2014

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About the Book:


Will was excited to go on his class field trip, until he learned they would be touring the local firehouse. Now, he is dreading the trip. For as long as he can remember, Will has been afraid of fire and, worse than that, firefighters! Though he knows firefighters are heroes who do dangerous work, to him they are giants in heavy coats and masks. As he journeys with his class through the fire station, Will and readers alike are introduced to the exciting world of firefighting. Can Will overcome his fears and maybe even learn something surprising about himself?


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My Opinion:


As a homeschool mom I try to find ways to teach safety to my children without it being boring or mundane so when I was offered a chance to read and review a book from the When I Grow Up I Want to Be series I knew I had to grab the Firefighter book.  I have a 7 year old son as well so firefighters are still appealing at this age so it was a double hit at our house, I get some good safety tips in and he as well as my daughters got an entertaining read out of it.  The beginning of the book begins with an excerpt from the Ode to Our Firemen by Frederic G. Fenn in 1878 and then we meet Will who is sitting in his class room when his teacher announces a class field trip to be taken next week.  Will is afraid of fire, because as he explains his parents are always telling him about not playing with matches, stay away from the grill and of course he’s afraid of the way a firefighter looks in their big scary suits.  The book takes the reader through a field trip to a fire station and it seems as if you’re really there as some illustrations are real with animated figures over top, which is quite neat and interesting to see and provides an interesting visual as the book is read.


Through our are also diagrams such as a firefighter in all their gear which explains which each piece is so it’s less scary should children ever have to encounter a firefighter entering their house.  The book also tells children that while they may have a fear of something that other children also have fears of their own and that each is valid and some children may have the same fears but don’t talk about it and are only discovered from body language.  Children will also learn of the different type of trucks and rescue equipment such as helicopters, planes, watercraft as well as the usual vehicles such as ambulances and trucks.  Will also learns that firefighters are not to be feared and you should never run away from them if they are coming to you in a burning house or building – that could lead to catastrophic outcomes.


At the end of the book, which is the most important part in my opinion, is the home fire safety checklist which walks children through how to make sure their homes are safe from the unintentional fire such as making sure there is a smoke detector on every level (makes me want to install one in our basement where our washer and dryer are), checking cords for any frayed ones, and more.  There is also an instruction page on how to make your home’s fire escape plan – great for the child who wants to feel a part of protecting their family and also ensuring that everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire.  This was a great way to once again go through the safety measures of fire as well as to reassure my children that while firefighters may look scary in all that garb they should never run from them.



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