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#3ThingsThursday (a link up) #grow4christ

on July 10, 2014


I’m trying to think of three things to write up for Heidi’s link up – which is actually harder to do than one would think – especially when you’re trying to think of something to write.  So here goes:


1.  I sent our first ever homeschool notification in in August of 2008 that means I’ve been homeschooling for 7 years now!  In 2010 I added my middle daughter to our notification form and in 2012 I add our son.  We will begin our 2014-2015 school year on July 21st I wanted to make sure we got through the girls’ summer dance intensive, their junior dance company try outs and all three college 4 kids classes before beginning back up.  I’ve already done all the planning for their math, Teaching Textbooks, and each will finish in March and April, respectively.  We’ve been blessed to homeschool, my husband and I made the decision even before our oldest was born – in fact I was only a month pregnant when we made the decision.  I haven’t had to miss out on any milestones – including seeing them read their first books (well, we’re still working on that with our son! but I won’t miss out on his either.  It hasn’t been easy, and anyone who thinks homeschool is easy or that I’m some sort of super laid back, un-stressed, super mom, had better think again.  There are days when the yelling is so loud even I can’t stand myself.  I have threatened to send one or all to a ‘regular’ school.  Would I?  No.  I love having my children with me – I couldn’t stand the thought of sending them to daycare, preschool and then to school almost all day – is every day peaceful?  Definitely not but it’s allowed up to travel when it’s less busy and when the heat isn’t horribly oppressive so I can enjoy vacation.  It’s allowed us to take many field trips to places they would have had to wait till crowded weekends or even not all because it’s not on the school’s budget or time line.  This year I’ll be having a 8th grade 12 year old (yes, she is a ‘year ahead’ even though we don’t go by the school’s schedule), a 5th grade almost 10 year old and a 3rd grade almost 8 year old!


My three a couple years ago.


2.  Our country just celebrated it’s birthday – July 4th – and while it’s a time to be celebrated, for me it’s also bittersweet as it was my Grandpa’s birthday.  All of my grandparents are gone – both maternal and paternal.  My husband still has one set of his grandparents which is great for him.  I really miss knowing that I have grandparents and while I wasn’t close to my mom’s parents I still miss them as well.  My Grandpa and I had a close bond so when holidays come up it’s especially hard, although it’s gotten easier over the years.  This fourth our weather was so nice and unseasonably cool for July so I took the children and went to the cook out my dad and step-mom have and watched as my dad, two of my Aunts and my Uncle (my paternal grandparents have 5 children – one Aunt lives out of state) toast my Grandpa’s memory with one of his favorite beers.  Unfortunately, all the pictures I had of my maternal Grandpa on my camera at one time were deleted when our computer crashed years ago.  I have more of all my Grandparents but I’d have to scan them in.  So, anyway the fourth of July, while remembered as the birthday of our country will remain first and foremost the birthday of a Grandpa who was there when I needed him.


My Grandpa, Charles, with my middle daughter


3.  I enjoy hanging our clothes out on our line.  It gives me great satisfaction to see my clothing hanging on the clothes line in our back yard – I guess knowing that I’m saving money (it has literally cut our bill in half, almost) and also that fresh scent without harsh chemicals just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.  I’ve had some say what about allergies, and yes, we do have allergies in our house but it seems there are more skin issues when I dry by machine or use fabric sheets.  We shake the clothes out thoroughly to dislodge any wasps or bees (a HUGE issue since hubby and I are deathly allergic to one or both) or other insects.  The only items that get too stiff are the towels and hubby’s jeans – which is solved when we have a really windy day (on the days where there is no wind they are very stiff).  My only worry is someone stealing our clothing off the line, an alley runs behind our house and even though there is a privacy fence, there is a gap between it and the neighbors fence so anyone could slip in and take down the clothes.


My clothes line – right now it’s only two but hubby said he’ll try to fix the middle line so I can hang even more out 😀


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3 responses to “#3ThingsThursday (a link up) #grow4christ

  1. Thanks so much for linking up this week, Sarah! I have a 10th grade 14 year old, so I can relate to you. 🙂 All of my grandparents are gone too. I still miss them. But, one thing I don’t share with you is the clothing — I hate hanging mine out. I do occasionally, but I prefer the ease and freshness of the dryer (that could be because we have a farm field right behind us).

    • ohiosarah says:

      Hi Heidi, you’re welcome! It was fun and hopefully I’ll remember next week LOL I’m sure I would feel the same if I had a farm behind me, I remember my Grandma telling me they had to hang their laundry outside even in the winter and one time they forgot a blanket which when brought inside broke into pieces! Definitely don’t hang out in the winter 😀

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