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History, Choo-choos, and family #grow4christ

on July 14, 2014


My sister in law and my nephew were in town recently and so I invited them to go with us to Carillon which is a park with historical buildings and other historical artifacts, including choo-choos AKA trains.  My nephew is 3 and he is adorable – seeing his face light up at some of the sights was so awesome.  We met them down there on July 3rd, packed a lunch which we had to eat in our cars as it was raining off an on all day, and I didn’t want to lug our huge, no wheels cooler all the way to the back of the park to the covered picnic tables.  We gave my nephew his birthday gifts, which were late but at least we were able to give them to him in person, instead of mailing them.


My three with my nephew in front of the train engine. The highlight of my nephew’s trip….well maybe one of the highlights.


All of them sitting at the table in a caboose. I miss cabooses. Do you remember them at the end where the man in an engineer cap would wave?


One of the two bridges we crossed.


Remember how I said the train engine was one of my nephew’s favorite parts – well this had to be the next – him and my son playing in the drinking fountain.


This is the one house we’ve never gone to before – it’s the Shaker house.


The top floor in the Shaker house.


All of them on the carousel.


My nephew ringing the engine’s bell. He really liked this too.


My son with one of his tinker toy creations in the play area.


My SIL and middle DD posing.


Well I have more pictures but I’ll leave you with what I’ve posted – we had such a fun time with them – my children love their little cousin and their Aunt and spending time with them is a blessing to be valued.  Hopefully one of these days we’ll get to visit their turf – there is a living history museum where they are that I need to get my children to that I enjoyed as a child.  I hope you enjoyed sharing our visit that we had with our family.


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