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Birthday boy in the house!!!! #grow4christ

on July 26, 2014


Another year has passed and my son is now 8 years old!  Where have the years gone?  They’ve flown by – most new parents hate when people tell them, “enjoy it they’ll be gone soon” and that they will.  While it’s a cringe worth saying, it’s also so true – enjoy it because before you know it, you’ll be seeing your baby turn into an 8 year old (I’m not thinking about him being any older than that right now).  He’s such a boy!  He likes to be loud!  I’m not sure if his voice is changing yet but his seems to be very screech-y especially when he screams.  He’s a character.  I can only pray that he turns into a godly man one day, and for that I can only give credit to the Lord, because some days He is the only one who gets me through being a mom of a boy.


Son with my dad – at his baby dedication. Proud Grandpa.


My oldest giving her brother a big kiss.


A group shot!


Today, he and his cousin playing in the drinking fountain.


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  1. Micki says:

    Happy Birthday C! Love and miss ya!

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