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Scrapping with Project Life…… #grow4christ

on August 12, 2014

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Back in January my husband took me shopping for our anniversary, after looking to get back into scrapping but not really having time for the way I used to do it – which was time consuming I wanted something different.  So when visiting Ben and Me I found her using this product called Project Life – which seemed really cool, but there was no way I could buy it unless it was a gift.  It worked out.  Hubby took me to one of our local craft stores and let me pick out some items and then I went home and printed off all our important 2013 pictures (there was a lot!!!)

Our title page – showing some photos from our vacation and I incorporated some of the scrap-booking stickers that have been sitting in my craft cabinet for years.


If you don’t know about Project Life it’s a great way to scrap and keep your memories but without all the mess and time of traditional scrap-booking, there are also other products on the market similar to Project Life and I’ll mention those in a moment.  The first thing I did was pick out my album, I grabbed the Jade (they didn’t have the Sea Foam) – these are huge D-ring binders that you slip your pages in and I chose the variety pack, which I can’t find on Amazon right now.  The pocket pages are really neat and a great way to organize all those memories that otherwise will be lost to time.   After that I had to pick my theme pack – these are the little cards that you put in the pocket pages along with your pictures to decorate and add a little bling to your lay outs.  I chose the heritage core kit, which really spoke to my old soul and old fashioned tendencies and they are really beautiful cards – some are decorated, some are blank and/or lined for journaling or doodling or whatever you’d like to do with them.


The page for the mother/daughter and son American Heritage Girls pottery painting. My plate broke so I’m glad I have the picture of it.


With everything that had gone on since buying this I haven’t had a chance to sit down and work on it until the other day – and I had a blast, I’m up to our vacation in April of last year so I’m moving right along.  I realized that some of my photos really needed trimming and so I ran out and bought the We R card punch which helped to cut those too large pics to the right 3X4 size.  I bought the rounded one but I’d also like to get the square one as well, as not all the cards are rounded and it looks weird to see the back side when you do a layout on the other side!  I’m learning.


One of the pages I let my oldest do – it was from her friend’s birthday party when they did some pottery.


I must say one thing I’ve learned is you must be careful when turning the pages – if tugged to hard the holes do rip, thankfully I was able to stop my children from fighting over it so it didn’t rip completely because that would have messed up my whole organization of the pages.  As you’ll notice some of the cards are not Project Life – I found some pocket page journaling cards at another local craft store by me & my BIG ideas and grabbed them.  I did not pay attention that these cards are square versus the rounded shape of the Project Life and while not a horrible disaster if you don’t use the same on the back side they will show through.  Does that make sense?  It’s hard to explain.  So anyway, I used other cards as well and they were not as thick as the Project Life but I loved they were inexpensive and added a bit of flair to the heritage Project Life set.


Some journal notes that my oldest did and included in her birthday layout.


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