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Science fun with Sherlock

on August 26, 2014


Well school started back last week for many districts in our state so last Wednesday, seeing it as the first day of school in the city where COSI is, we set out to finally take in The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes!  The last time we went we were told they were expecting some 200+ school children and we didn’t want to have to compete with that so we got a refund and decided to come back later.  We are so glad we did!  But before we took in the Sherlock exhibit we had some time to kill (no pun intended!) and so much to my son’s delight we headed to the water area.


We were first stopped by one of the volunteers that have little stations in the halls to give children some extra hands-on experiments so my son stopped to find how he can make a wooden stool move with just a hook in a piece of rubber.  I knew how this would work and I thought he would too but he didn’t and was quite fascinated by the whole thing.


After he figured out how to move it – he was quite interested in her explanation.


Putting it back so others can try.


Oh I forgot both my son and my middle daughter just had to do the hurricane thing and so my mom put a dollar in and I donated another….


In the hurricane simulator.


We finally made it to the water area…


My mom and oldest daughter playing in the water.


Sometimes she has a playful side 😀


The other two using the sprayers to splash around.


Oh yes, I forgot before the Sherlock exhibit we actually watched the Panda movie in 3-D, it was a good one although it was a bit sad in places too.  I was glad to learn about the conservation to save the near extinct wild Panda population.  We also visited another of our favorite areas – Progress.  I do have to say I miss the Progress of old with the old theater where you could buy small bags of popcorn and watch movie shorts like Three Stooges and Our Gang but I digress.


In progress there is an old coin operated space ship thing that the children like to ride – well my son and middle daughter (oldest is too big now). I snapped this picture of my son looking out and up through the port hole.



Okay, well that is all the pictures – I would have loved to take some in the Sherlock exhibit but that was prohibited so I had to put away my camera and deny my picture taking tendencies.  My mom did buy the oldest a Sherlock shirt and I grabbed a book about the exhibit as well as post cards for each of us that go in the mini albums to track our special field trips.  There were some neat items of historical note from the time of Sir Conan Doyle, including a heart with a stab wound from a murder back in the 1800’s.  Morbid?  Yes.  But very scientific and my son, who likes to know how the body works, thought it was neat but gross.  Again I would have loved to take pictures.


Then after that area you begin looking at some facts about how plants and such were used in medicines, make-up, etc and of course back then not all were safe.  We got to learn how a telegraph worked and send a message and more – all the while collecting some clues to go with the ‘murder’ scene in the next area that we had to solve using Sherlockian style deductions.  By this point I had a bit of a headache so I was doing my best to hang in there because my oldest was so excited.  The murder scene was not grotesque at all – but you have to walk through the evidence like the ‘blood’ splatter on the wall, drag marks in the sand, a seed pod left, and so on and then work your way to actually test your theories.  As you test and reach your conclusion you get a punch on your ‘passport’ and at the end you’ll know if you were right or not.  I think the most fun part was testing out the blood spatter theory in which you get to press a button, squirt some ‘blood’ at a window to see what kind of pattern it leaves and then a little wind shield wiper cleans the glass for you.


At the end, once you solve the murder you enter the area which has props and such from all ranges of Sherlock, from the black and white to today’s Elementary (which we don’t like, Watson is supposed to be a man) to the one we do enjoy and watch; the BBC’s Sherlock.  My oldest loved seeing the pink suitcase, the bomb jacket and the hounds sign from three of the different episodes of Sherlock.  We had a blast, the only thing that would have made it better (besides being headache free) would have been to get my children’s pictures in the exhibit.  By the way I linked to the exhibit above – they have educators stuff so if like me you want to have some fun at home take a look at the educator’s stuff, next up will be St. Louis, MO.  Wish we could go again!


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