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Life Sentence Publishing: Trouble in Ippy-Tippy Town by Katie Berdan

on September 2, 2014


About the Book:


“More free stuff! More free stuff!” What happens in Ippy Tippy Town when the Gimmie Getters make everything free? Where will the money come from? Where will the food come from? What will the Wanna Workers do to save their town?


The book is available in paperback and e-book form on Amazon.




My Opinion:

This is a cute illustrated book for children to teach the value of hard work and that nothing is free – both good things to understand at a young age.  It gives a good basic story line of working hard, politics and the unmistakable truth that being given something for nothing will make one lazy and the culture around you fall.  I really don’t have anything to say against this book, we are not a political family but even the politics which are very generic and the voting portrayed, didn’t have me gnashing my teeth against it.  These are things that my children must learn at some point and the cute, basic illustrations appealed to my 8 and 9 year old although not much to my 12 year old.  There is mention of war and while some might object it demonstrated that taxes paid by those who do work pay to have our country protected by the armed forces.


Overall, a cute book that children ages 6-8 would probably enjoy, even some 9 or 10 year old children but I don’t think older children would appreciate the simple text or the illustrations as much.  The book had a good lesson at the end and everyone in Ippy-Tippy Town eventually realizes that work is a good thing and most return to their jobs so that they can earn money to live on, touches a little on taxes, and why they can be a good thing when not overly done or re-distributed.  Some concepts may be to big for the younger child but it would definitely open up a good conversation between a parent and older child about the bigger concepts of finances.  This is not written to be distinctly Christian although there is a Bible verse at the very end – my secular homeschool friends would also benefit from the book.



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