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Beautiful home school

on September 4, 2014


This past week we added in all our subjects, not including Spanish and Latin so we’ve been quite busy.  You can read about our 2014-2015 curricula choices here.  We also have two field trips under our belts so far – and Monday will make the 3rd!  We re-joined a group that we were in years ago mainly because I didn’t want to shoulder the burden of planning field trips for large groups all on my own.  I’m still planning them but with being part of this support group I don’t have to do it all.  My younger two are picking back up where we left off in the Apologia Physics and Chemistry course, which lends itself to may hands on projects.


Here are some fun things we’ve done with science so far, of course there are more but some lend themselves to pictures better than others.  In one of first ones we combined some neat ingredients to create an ‘explosive’ experiment – it was similar to the rocket we did a year or so ago but it had different supplies and this created a much more quick and violent reaction than the baking soda one we did.  All the children, even the one not doing this, found it neat.


We actually ran out of blue food coloring, thankfully it wasn’t an expensive, natural kind. It was supposed to be blue but turned out much lighter.


The next thing was to use paper plates and candy to create atoms and show how they bond to each other to make molecules.  Can you figure out what their models make?  I hate to throw them away but I’m not sure what to do with them not that we are done with this lesson?

This is my middle daughter’s. Seems like a waste of perfectly good M&Ms


This is my son’s model. I did allow them to each have 1 M&M so I’m not totally mean, plus I had to justify me ‘stealing’ one.


So this is just some of what we’ve done in science, I’ll have more updates as the year progresses.  I’m going to share about the ‘field trip’ we took on Saturday with my mom next and another post I will share some of the neat art projects they’ve been doing with the See the Light Bible stories DVD.  So far it’s been a decent school year and I’m going to remain optimistic!


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