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Going underground

on September 11, 2014


Usually on Labor Day weekend we attend an event called Fair At New Boston (feel free to do a search and you’ll find another post or two) but this year it was to hot so since my husband was coaching at a Special Olympics softball game we called my mom and said how about Ohio Caverns.  It’s a cool 54 degrees year round and a perfect place to go when it’s hot and humid outside.  We took both the natural wonders and the historic tours and they both had something the other didn’t, the tour guides were really great in being patient with us.


If you look close you can see a dove that was drawn on the cavern ceiling by a visiting pastor back in the late 1800’s


I linked above to our first visit to Ohio Caverns so I don’t want to share all the pictures I took as most of them are similar as it was the same tour but I didn’t see the dove on the first visit so I thought it was very distinctive.


The view as we enter through the winding path to the Natural Wonders tour.


The entrance is down there to the left. You can see the different layers of rock laid down over several years.


The sign.


The Old Town Pump. Isn’t that an awesome formation?


The Crystal King


When the cavern was cleared out they left these formations – the mud was up to that rock that is clinging to the formations. It was a little scary and I did have to dunk!


If you ever visit Ohio I highly recommend Ohio Caverns – people have come from all over the world to visit these Caverns.  There is also another one owned by a local American Indian Trip called Zanes Caverns, we haven’t been there yet but I aim to.  I enjoy visiting caverns.  My children were a bit disappointed though – there were no little brown bats at this visit, apparently they only seek the caverns during the winter and early spring months.


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2 responses to “Going underground

  1. Laraba says:

    Exciting! Thanks for the description. I’d love to take our kids sometime, but probably when our littles are a bit older.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Hi Laraba,

      Yes, you’ll want to wait it can get wet and slippery. Of course you could stagger the older ones in between the younger ones but I would wait. Maybe we can go with you some day. I definitely think the natural wonders is better in terms of what you see in formations. Also you aren’t allowed to touch and I know young ones often don’t grasp that 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by.

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